Poetry Corner : Leap Year.

Poetry Corner: Leap Year.

Leap Year.

(A Collection of Poems).




Uncork your gifts for home of winter,

close to spring,assurance of propitiousness ,

home of Carl Linnaeus groundhogs of 1758’s.

Feeling the Mediterranean night

till the morning.

Just as I learnt from Edith Sitwell,

talk beside a fire enjoys its freezing trees and grasses.

Flowers of early spring of Getrude S. Wister,

occupying nations in our hearts,

rescheduling mooting promises

to unsaid seasons of red gowns and starched suits.

We hail thee!

Foe of doldrums and abeyance.


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

Title; the new moon


The new moon sprang on the peak of the mountain,

At the fall of the dew and rain’s birth,

Like a tiger, he leaps in his minted mirth,

It hops up to its fore with ease of pain.

In the speck of elation,

In the hurricane of imagination,

In the vessel of bliss,

In the coolness of the breeze.

It appeared brightly in the early morn,

Like a beauteous angel it show its face,

On wooden shutters of our abode,

And setting our tersed nerves at ease.

  ~~John k. Nasirudeen.

Title : leap year


No Mortal tongue could tell is tales

Nor could any Adam eyes weep in his memory

Because he was unravel with the best glow of the night

And he rode between the sun wheel

He was a mystery

Was he really leaping like a leper?

Nay! But he got the whole world leaping at his back,

Once in Four rings,

He shows forth his twenty four golden seal

Each endowed with sixty worth of precious gems

He is the leader of a Chariot

All days were made equal

But none was adorned like him

With power and will to change the hand of the clock

He is the Sun that can hides his Ray in a moment,

Lost between yesterday and today

Mystery that rodes on fictions

That captivate the soul of all mortars once in Four ticks.


…Johnson Victor Oluwatobi.

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