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Nigeria is known to  be diverse in nature. A country of numbers of tribes and languages living together despite cultures differ, betoken their ways of life ; a great identity which differentiate an ethnic group  from other.


Before I proceed, it is worthwhile the term culture be defined ” The total ways of life of a group of people ” – according to an Oxford advanced dictionary. As believed, culture is a very important aspect of life, especially,  human being culturised themselves from  the kind of lifestyles, approach to religion, dressing mode and the kind of food peculiar to their race.


Though, it’s undaunted fact that, as culture remains the summation of human personality, no one is aloof of being acculturised by one ethnic group or the other. All in all, in spite of diversity, Nigeria is still an entity.


Nigeria featured not only her citizens, as other countries’ citizens in volume ,have in it – a propitious abode.Nevertheless, Nigeria is majorly characterized with three ethnic groups, namely : Hausa ,Igbo and Yoruba. A 520 languages or more speaking country as record has it ; embodied mostly by Hausa people as the most populated , with a culture and language of wider recognition.


Talking about topography. Hausa ethnic in Nigeria occupied the highest landmass coupled with the tremendous population. With this, seeing Hausa in populations occupying the highest numbers of posts in political and military sector is never a cause for gratuitous alarm.


Therefore, as a federal owned university situated in the north, and Sokoto precisely. Usman Danfiodio university harbour different languages of different ethnic groups whose quest for knowledge has mixed together. Thus, as an institutions situated in Hausa environment, Hausa language remains the most speaking amongst others. Just as other languages like Yoruba, Igbo have it , Hausa language is also of different dialects. For instance ,Sokoto dialectic Hausa is quite different with understanding threat to the Kano dialectic speakers ,and of course ,the rest of the Hausa states.


Furthermore, the prerogative of being a student of Usman danfiodio university sokoto can’t be underestimated, as many applied but few are chosen. As it remains acclaimed and popular sobriquet of UDUS –most peaceful university in Nigeria , due to its serene environment. To achieve an unimaginable feat in UDUS, and as commonly voiced by its students, such has to abide and imbibe the spirit of its motto – “Iqroh” , an Arabic inscription for ‘Read’. Thus, UDUS is such a distinguished northern university , awarding degree certificate in learning and character.


No one without a flaw. And as it’s an environmental and climatic pivot , thus, it would earn an alien of the land, not other than a survival of the fittest after graduation ; due to the seasonal scorching sun measured equivalent to 41°C and its freezing harmattan nature. Interestingly, it’s no qualm students of UDUS hold a common and uncommon phrasal title —  silent achievers. A title bedecked on the serious and of course , those bucked into debate if maliciously tagged ‘unserious elements’.


Notwithstanding, UDUS is already a beautiful daisy, nurtures in an attractive ceramics ,and from which noted  figures,both nationally and internationally sprouted. As a university of competent lecturers and of course ,many international professors. Among many is Professor Anas Sandra of economics department of this prestigious university. He is said to be a professor of econometrics and of course , the only Nigeria, and west African international professor of economics. This,indeed ,it’s a giant stride for many upcomings to thread on and upon which we ought be motivated towards greater height.


Interestingly, I am still on Hausa education. Though, Nigerian language ( Hausa precisely) is a course being tought in UDUS with a very decimated students. Nevertheless, as it varies in businesses; not all business administration students succeed as business tycoons. The knowledge is mostly theoretical, and as well, not all English native speakers know the supposed nexus between a subject and verb in practical way. Thus, not until one attends a language class that such tends to understand the knot and loose of a langue.


Amazingly, it’s a matter of interest, but many do have it as a must ( students from the southern Nigeria). Though, not only Hausa language one have the tendency to learn — as we mix our diversity, we learn undiversified. Therefore, learning a language or two, plus one’s dialect or native language is indeed of great advantage to ones career. Who knows what Nigeria has in stock for him or her beyong NYSC, but should you find yourself in business world as polyglot — transactions made easy.


In a long run. It’s pertinent for me to urge you all, though we share different bonds , either we have similarities or not , there would always be what to learn from one another. And mostly, language. It would only be a double honour for you, when you determined to learn new things outside your primary assignment. Oh! To you the knowers, take this quote “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others” – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Nigeria is just a country that needs not ordinary you, or what yours first degree discipline entails only. Thus,when you find an added value to your net worth, you would be more sumptuous amidst your peers nationally and internationally.


BAMIDELE AYOBAMI LUKMAN aka Talking Pen is a Nigerian Poet and content writer. He is also an Editor, here at Winsala Muses Ltd.


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February 26, 2019


February 26, 2019

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