The BRUCE LEE story 45years after his sudden death.

 The Mistake     Men Make on  Earth : the Bruce Lee Story.

The legendary BRUCE  LEE  would have become 79years old this year, if not for the mysterious death that took him away at age 32.

The unknown cause of his death which clouds the story makes it fall into MISTAKE MEN MAKE ON EARTH story discussion for this week.




The legendary BRUCE LEE , was born into the of Mr & Mrs Lee Hoi-chuen at San Francisco in America in the year 1940.

Mr Lee Hoi-chuen was a famous Cantonese opera star and film so BRUCE LEE started acting at a tender age.



        BRUCE LEE, started is acting career from HONG KONG because his parents where natives from HONG KONG. But at 18 years, he back to America then enrolled at university of Washington and finally he married LINDA EMERY. She gave birth to a son called “BRANDON LEE” , BRANDON LEE an Actor also died mysterious in 1993 after being shot by a faulty prop gun on the set of The Crow.



          BRUCE LEE became famous on the entertainment platform (movie productions) based on his creative martial art Styles in acting. This made him the first of this kind & which also popularised the martial art on movies.

But his love for Marijuana & extra immoral sexual activities where the golden grave yards before BRUCE LEE which he never saw.




BRUCE LEE, was a lover of Marijuana, because he believed that it widens his consciousness.


“In addition to his intense fitness regimen, Lee kept to a strict diet of vegetables, rice, fish and milk, and avoided refined flour and sugars. While he enjoyed marijuana, he didn’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or coffee. ” from an article (How did BRUCE LEE die?) @



BRUCE LEE was not faithful to his marriage vow as he had a secret concubine called ” Betty Ting” in whose apartment he die after several hours of Sexual meeting with her.


“He ate a small amount of hash with a friend (Lee believed cannabis expanded his consciousness) before heading to Betty Ting’s apartment in the early afternoon. According to Polly, the pair spent the next few hours having sex and consumed more hash. ” from an article (How did BRUCE LEE die?) @ Newsweek. com



These ungodly life style of BRUCE LEE could be held onto as the sole reasons for his death forty five (45) years ago.


‘Raymond Chow, who was producing Game of Death, arrived at the apartment around 6pm. Already, Lee’s ill health was apparent. “Bruce wasn’t feeling very well,” Chow told Polly. “I think we had some water… In telling the story [Game of Death], he acted out the whole thing. So, that probably made him a little tired and thirsty. After a few sips he seemed to be a little dizzy.”

Lee complained of a headache, so Ting gave him Equagesic, a combination tranquilizer and analgesic that he had purportedly taken before. He went to lie down in her bedroom but about two hours later, when Ting went to wake him, he was non responsive.

By the time the paramedics arrived, Bruce Lee ‘ from an article (How did BRUCE LEE die?) @


Scientific speculation view of BRUCE LEE’s death.


Forty five years afte, these two options are to be responsible for LEE ‘s death.

They are:?



“Advances in medicine since Lee’s passing have led to even more conjecture about why he died: At a 2006 meeting of the American Academy of Sciences, medical examiner James Filkins postulated that Lee suffered a fatal epileptic seizure. SUDEP, or “sudden unexplained death in epilepsy,” refers to the unexpected death of a seemingly healthy person with epilepsy, when no cause of death can been determined. But it wasn’t coined until 1995, more than 20 years after Lee died. Seizures can be triggered by stress, which Lee was certainly under, but there’s no record of him ever being diagnosed with epilepsy.” from an article (How did BRUCE LEE die?) @

This is possible because LEE had just finish training for the movie to publish called “Game of Death” which was stressful then he moved into hours of Sexual activities which was also stressful but not being aware of his epilepsy state which was never noticed.

He took Equagesic which is a combination of tranquilizer and analgesic which led to his death two hours later.


“A full autopsy took place at Hong Kong’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital a few days later.

The medical examiner, Dr R. R. Lycette, found no signs of foul play but noted the hash and Equagesic in Lee’s system. Lycette identified “congestions and edema of the brain,” as the immediate cause of death but couldn’t account for what caused the swelling.” from an article (How did BRUCE LEE die?) @




“Polly offers another explanation:

Bruce Lee died from heatstroke. In Bruce Lee: A Life, Polly claimed Lee had the sweat glands in his armpits removed so he would appear less sweaty on camera, and that after playing out all those fight scenes on a sweltering hot day in Hong Kong, his body gave out. Lee’s symptoms on the day he died, including dizziness and headaches, are consistent with heatstroke, and cerebral edemas are often found in autopsies of people who have died of heatstroke. What’s more, Lee’s first edema in May took place in a hot editing room that lacked air conditioning. Like epilepsy, heatstroke was less well researched in 1973 than it is today, so it could have slipped passed the doctors.

If true, this theory is perhaps more tragic than any other for its sheer preventability: In chasing success and physical perfection, Bruce Lee neglected to care for his body in one of the most fundamental ways possible. ”

In summary, Student Union Journalism ( The Press) of Federal College of Education Okene use MISTAKES MEN MAKE ON EARTH which is a weekly story to expose some ill life style of humanity which has caused greater damage to these persons ,families & humanity.


It is to help make humanity conscious of every decision & step she takes on Earth not to produce negative consciences.



The case of BRUCE LEE exposed his lustful desires for use of drugs(marijuana), immoral sexual relationship(with Betty Ting) & his love against being natural (removing glands of his armpits).

All these where to make great achievement for on Earth. He succeeded but died at age thirty two (32), living an in replaceable space in the life of his family Members , movie  industry & humanity at large due to his ill  life style (Drugs & immoral sexual activities) & the consequences this actions produce as returns (rewards).


# Be care.                                                                                             # Your health status today is your life style of yesterday.  # Your death or live of tomorrow lies in today’s action you display.

Source :                                             According to an article ‘How did BRUCE LEE die? ‘ from


Write up Author: Conscience Speaker


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