That Tiny Bit Of Trend.

That Tiny Bit Of Trend.

Not all of us want to follow trends, but that doesn’t make being trendy an unforgivable crime. In fact, being trendy makes it easier to trust your fashion sense and respect your tastes than being downright classic in your styles. So, why don’t you do a little bit of both?

I’m not prescribing that everyone has to follow trends and subscribe for high end fashion magazines. However, a tuck out here, a minor alteration of your everyday ‘normal’ could take your look from zero to a hundred pretty fast. At the same time, keep in minds that trends change pretty fast and therefore, are very strenuous to keep up with. This is the major reason why my previous posts about wardrobe must haves did not dwell on specifics. I could write about ruffled shirts coming back to life from disco dance floors. And then realise that it was more of a reanimation rather than a resurrection.

Where To Look?

My go to for fashion trends does not involve long articles about high end and couture or a cursory glance at a celebrity rapper but noticing subtle details in the outfits of those who know what they wear and how they wear them. And then, there’s the runway.

Recently, the men’s fashion week was hosted in the fashion powerhouses of London and New York respectively. A great deal of the looks on the runway are street smart looks that are easily reproduced in every day campus hustle. Feast your eyes!!

Note that the warmer looks without heavy outer clothing are mostly from the New York Fashion week, which seems cooler to me. Also, note that extra sized wears may be all the rave at the moment but actually have ways to go about them. Don’t just buy extra large trousers without weighing your options carefully in form of bodily proportions and paired pieces or you might look like it’s your grandfather’s inheritance passed down to you.

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By: Iyanuoluwa Falana

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