Poetry Corner: OUR MUMU DON DO

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.


 Our mumu don do!

We don know wetin we dey do

As hunger take ground full

Na only you dey belle full

Shey you think say we be fool?

Haba! We no be Johnbull

Your innocent face like ‘come and do’

No fit mumu us for round two.


Dat time wey we dey school

Naso we dey learn two-plus-two

Our books we take as a boo

Say education na e be the tool

Wey go later give to our shoe

That ‘ko-ko-ka’, sound wey dey cool.

With street-waka for wetin we go do

Na ‘Pe-re-re’ we hear after school.


When time reach to go to the poll

Na then our group you go begin to pull

You go come be our paddi for ghetto,

Con dey share rice for bowl.

You go come street; come eat ‘koko’

You go come dey pack gutter, con drink ‘pito’.

When you get votes,

and election don go

You go come forget us for ghetto.


For your eyes na like say you sharp

Like say make I dey give you clap.

While hunger dey tear people slap

Milk and honey dey flow for your tap

You dey chop fried rice and chicken lap

And you pass with your ‘boning’ cap.

Our Panadol don turn ‘Panasharp’

Now, our votes go land you hot slap.


E tey wey we don dey shut up

But now we don com wise up

As things don make us fired up

And our blood don con rise up

Na im com make us stand up

And get ready to fire up.

All of you wey don fuck up

Our votes go tell you what’s up.

©Oyesomi O. Emmanuel (DaXquizit™)


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