POETRY CORNER: An Anthology By The Four Greatest Metaphysical Poet.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.

An Anthology By The Four Greatest Metaphysical Poet.


May my road be rough,

Be tough, be luff, be slippery;

For me to sleep not,

May my road be full of heaps;

For me to reap much.

May my road be rough,

May I sometimes be sick;

To all alone usually seek my God,

May I sometimes fall;

To fall forward, to fall for God.

May my road be rough,

With confusing confusions;

For me to create my creativity,

May I be won of emotional wounds;

For me to be proud of my scars.

May my road be rough,

With unhappiness happiness;

For me to be cleanse of sadistic sadness,

May failures and mistakes far not me;

To serve as my headlamp and head me to successful state.

May my road be rough,

Rough and tough, itty-bitty not with risks;

For my pains to turn to paeans,

‘Till my body would be tired of me;

For me to answer my eternal call… May my road be rough.

-Hammed J. Sulaiman (Sulexmighty)




Come, go,

For you are to me like a device,

And shall you be used considering not your demise,

As your remote lies with me.


Come, go,

Be a sheath and a shield for my danger,

Outbursting – romance your brethren as my unofficial ranger,

For within me is your fuel.


Come, go,

To sacrifice for me your sweat and blood,

And turn to stranger and enemy of your friends – all for my ward,

And Etutu, if you be killed; shall your death be the reminder of your life, adieu!

©Hammed J. Sulaiman (Sulexmighty)


Note: Etutu is a Yoruba word meaning “Sacrifice/Sacrificial” (something that can be used as a sacrifice). It is not a new news that in every election, sacrificers (politicians) always have their sacrifices and after the sacrifices sacrificed themselves on behalf of the sacrificers, the sacrificers may/do not even know the sacrifices, won’t even attend the sacrifices’ funeral prayer. Gbamm! Lobatan.

#VoteNotFight #LifeHasNoDuplicate #ShunHateSpeech #ShunBatteryAndPhysicalAssault #AvoidBeingUsed #ElectionNoBeWar


Election is not worth the blood sacrifice of anyone!



school bell rings

end of strike

student stress

end of strike

school bell rings

student tears

school yard,

lecture rooms,

Once again full.

Paciolo Pen Saint.

I BELIEVE SO MUCH _(Sound of freedom).

Faced in the eye by the mysteries of tomorrow,

petrified by the reality of unexpected today.

Against them many have died, command and conquer,Many have died.

But in a surreal future,I believe so much.

I believe so much in the dawn of a day,

Brightness of which would show us a way,

A path to lead to our long waiting “canaanland”

where joy abound within which sorrow would be lost.

I believe so much in the future of our nation.

One which no man is oppressed,rich and poor are blessed.

loving one another to an extent,deep at heart,

And never again is one against the other,planning evil in full might.

I believe so much in the dream he had,

That saw light in a future of freedom that can,

Wipe away fears and tears,siezed by cold hands,

And ring atop every summit, “Free at last”

I believe so much in the sounds of the speechless.

And in the shimmers of light that illuminate the dark,

Even peace in conflicts, I strongly believe,

That could see an end to the bursts of hatred in man.

I believe so much in hopes that renege not,

And find succour in beliefs that could build trust,

I can see and read lines that reveal so much,

Elegance in the hearts that despise not.

I believe so much in his goodness and mercies,

following me along all the days of my life,

I believe so much in the stories of our yesterday,

That could make for us this future someday.

I believe so much in the days of my children,

One when blacks and whites,tribes and religions become one brethren.

I believe so much in these moments my friends,

When shrouds of war would rend, broken bonds would mend.

When we could stay together,till death as friends,

I believe so much! I believe so much!

In times of love, I believe so much.

In happiness for all, I believe so much,

Together we can, I believe so much,

Verily, believing in this morrow of ours is never too much.

-Saliu Yemi.

Distich ‘ LOVE’S ILL – WISHER ‘ 

Scared of the bed’s congress,

support is love.

Painful pleasures of deep affection,

fertilization holds love at fort.

Sex is love?

Nay! Digging feet of sincerity in false boots.

I will rot in its thirst

than to serve dalliance.

Sex is nuffin, nowise…

Nowhere near but an origin of dark affairs.


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


I will get there,

why harry my thighs?

Just for streaming fame,

forget it, laughter is fame.


Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


An hour before breath again,

Born lucky.Lord weathers me continuance,

Mother prays, waters my hustles assurance,

sleepless nights cannot be in vain.

Huan as obi, light my cave in your chance.

Mother speaks I am great,

flagging on, I am great.

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.


Sages in and out of STRIDA,

as you all know…

I write, scratch whereas I care.

Writing large for my people.

What goads, nudges my

bleeding anakim lines of thunder.

As you all know…

It is you, you can say it again.

Tell me of your dreariness, gloom, blue devils…

I will safe your heavens in gaiety, glee, mirth…

Sardines of ideas in me everyday,

just an idea from you, my reader,

Drives me to contention. Gwirs of Knight’s Lore,

cyndadau of pains will drown in never never afons.

May I not cross the paths

of herbs and roots,

may I not anger enaids

of God, god’s, demigods, word smiths …

Audience, stand and be counted,

writing remains a tangled map,

hunger is my best sauce ,

your demand gives me millions of guts.

The unapologetic muse in me lives everyday

to pound yam for your problems,

doodading soup for sorrows in hell.

My opinions signed, sealed and delivered

by your humble, eager eyes.

Cutlass and hoe never dies,

my audience makes my pen,

you label me ‘ youngest counsellor ‘

I write for you not shelves,

my audience is my chart.

This is how I want

you to remember me.

Olodumare did it, I am Mzuri (great).

I am not scared .

-Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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February 10, 2019


February 10, 2019

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