Short Story: Lust For The Old Man.


Short Story.


Having been warned against her intimate relationship with  reading,  Vanessa  turned deaf ears, but later got the outcome of her heedlessness.


This is the story of young beautiful maiden Vanessa,  who fell over head heels in love with an old man who had lived centuries ago and still existing,    Mr Reading.


Vanessa spent most of her time with her fiancé, she often dwelled in seclusion  and barely got beguiled by mundane affairs. She believed with her husband she  had the whole nine yards at the tip of her fingers .


Vanessa mother would warn her against her austere relationship with the  strenuous, insipid old man, at least she should alter the engagement but Vanessa would never heed and her mother would never vacillate in spraying the perfume of warning so that people could perceive the warnings oozing out of her that, she was never interested in the stern relationship. What of if he seduced you and rape you,  all she could say was that everything will augur well between them.


In the hilarious circle, when her friends demur against her engagement with the old man and ask what he offer to her she would say *wisdom and knowledge* her reply would bring down the house and again she would say *vanity is the world and all in it, for they shall disappear into the unseen air like the smoke with traces.


One day Vanessa noticed she was six weeks gone,  she wasn’t taken aback by it rather she headlong plunged into the ocean of bliss.  Relating the good news to her husband he also felt the same that he introduced her to advanced clinics for antenatal care where she would be taught how to give birth to her babies,  how to scribble down her emotions and express them in a language that can’t be expressed in everyday language.


She practiced everything and was ready to face the hushing wind of the labor room,  the restless sea of the pain she would dive in,  the tempest storm of severe phases she would face.

Fortunately, she conquered every challenges that seem to be an impediment to her.


It was a good tide  to Mr Reading that his wife just delivered a baby, the news of the new baby diffused into the ears of the world as she was honoured for her great work.


She never relent and her love for her fiancé grew higher to it acme that she also went for postnatal,  where she got the best lesson to build and bring up her baby.


So many years later,  she became mother of many children and she got her names tripped off people’s tongue.


After some years,  at age 44 the great mother Vanessa kissed the dust by an inevitable bullet that scythed through her precious heart,  this was a vast blow to her husband.  Moans governed the world for her loss but still lives in heart.


If she hadn’t engage so stern with the old man she might still be alive today,  her life wouldn’t be the way it is and she wouldn’t have been eminent just as she was.


Some months after grief and sympathy, Mr. Reading got married to another young maiden who showed interest in him just as his first wife.

-Paciolo Pen Saint.

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February 8, 2019


February 8, 2019

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