Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.


-Outlined so large for all to see

floating in thin air viewing to us the “impossible”

Roaring at a distance as she strides through the azure clouds

viewing the sands below from this realm so high

Looking so nice without air to breathe

Beaming so bright without eyes to see

Gallant is she in all ways to me,

“Great” of the lifeless bird is one to be

-“Master of the sky” she is to her equal

Absent feather her wing,she slides in high.

Propelled by jets,in a forward ever march

Balanced by tails,exhibited in this glorious sight.

Even so heavy upon the air she is,

Defiling the powers governing all and this,

Above all the valleys,lands and seas,

Oh! “Great” of the lifeless bird is one to be.

-An emblem of hope in the thoughts of man,

Many in her belly,carrying together she can,

Her ultimate mission.Arrive,Alive and safely they must,

Or bring into her realm of existence.”Destruction’s wrath”

Might in arms, fight against the voyage travails,

and against the forces that says you’ll fail,

Dictate for gravity and dark,storms and gales,

I’d say “Great” of the lifeless bird is one to be.

-Beauty I find in the name she bears,

for this moment of possibility,thanks to the brothers “wright”

And for all who crave for this secret of yesterday,

Remember the works behind this success fame.

Out of the myth,a legacy is born,

And to the world a gift; it’s memory has come,

I’d say in any moment of time,sunset or morn,

“Great” of the lifeless bird is one to be.

-Saliu yemi 2019.

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