POETRY CORNER: An Anthology Written By Optimistic Poet.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.

1. My universal prayer


Let bow our head in shallow pit,

Let silent a minute and plead what burn our armpit,

Let bury our foul and neglect the vows,

Let struck our foot from his map,

& Let second the seconds in crying out loud.

In Him let climb the height,

Either thorns or rock,

Let sought the fault,

For it must halt,

& let sees what might have lost.

In kneeling we search God heart,

Maybe we might be cast with pureness,

Or see as a soul after His heart,

For we hard-hearted worshipping in vague.

Dark,deep & war we rested our heart,

Maybe it was because mama were ghost or papa were street god,

But freedom I pray for,

Not even a kingdom again .

Bridges are on the way,

Either we fly or walk on a thread,

We are still on it wing,

But in words,we files plead of winter wind,

On the bridges,let not wipe away,

Hold our foot,

And blow us not away.

I surmon a supplication,

Right us our heritage,

Bold us when bridges shake,

And glows us like northern sun.


2. When dark unveil again”


When dark unveil itself again,

Cuddle me like a day old baby,

Plant your tongue on my sick lips,

And ressurect my dead mood,

Hold my night and view me,

What every hours hold for me in your body,

Search through my heart and tell me,

How golden every corner of my mind is.

Tonight let my moon brighten your spherical sky,

Let write today’s night into story,

And show the world,

Where our passage leads to.

Let our extraneous spell tonight

Convey what future keep for us,

Let cook a sonorous  food of thought,

& by tomorrow let dish for world,

The wealth we plan in the night.

We are boys

We are boys,

We have a dream to tell,

We have a street to feed ,

We have a wound to heal,

We have a lost voice to find,

We have an ocean to dry off,

We have a demon to lure out,

We have hot stories to tell,

– We are boys,

We are sacrificial lamb,

But refuse to be sacrifice,

For there are promises, we have to,

Unleash from steaming cage,

We are boys,

That swim in an ocean full of storms,

Searching for the remedy to our father faith ,

Boys Searching for sister broken image,

To bond again,

-We are boys,

 we carry wound in our dark violated heart,

But who shall we tell,

Of how River naija and River benue meet at the edge of my jaw,

How the stones of my land are being paint with blood,


We are the boys on the street,

Filling all loopholes of crumbling glory,

For when we are gone,

We want to be call gods.

About the Author
Optimistic Poet

Tope Ashaolu, also known as Optimistic Poet, is a Yoruba born poet, he was raised in kwara state, where he earn is primary education and secondary aspect certificate.

He has feature in some most standard poetry challenge, in the likes of 24/7 facebook poetry forum monthly  competition, coming out with diamond award, worldwar facebook poetry competition coming out as semifinalist and some others,

He has written over eighty poems and aspiring to write more.

And he is studying currently at federal University, Oye Ekiti.

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February 8, 2019


February 8, 2019

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