National Trumpet.

The cold, over stressed and overheated February lends disaster to  expectations of May. A priori of troubles becoming every man’s hand bag. The world and not just earth smiles, creates and recreates joy on a journey of cruelty. How will joy stay calm when his next door neighbor refuses it to be celebrated a wink? Majority of citizens of all States sob buckets even with a pot – luck, they want more even after the game of Camelot and paradise gas been won by them.


Time and time again, I see sufferings everywhere I go, why? The economy at its best known solutions. Leadership has put dark motives of treading elephants in ‘ Come Thunder (Christopher Okigbo ), feeding these elephants in the untrue and mutlifarious laws of divine theory. Just yesterday, I saw a man in his late sixties crying on the street for raw pennies, ” Igando! Igando!! Igando!!! ” Fear struck my heart like the head of a wolf at the sight of an hunter. The economy is no quarter nice, young passengers ordering this immediate predecessor of our gods around the clogged road of Lagos State. Do the youths offer humility to the economy, I will let discover this through that neighbor around the corner of your rough street, feasting on widows of his dead fathers because he rides an Honda.


Omo ti o ti gelete, to ti ‘n  mi fiki (Yoruba)


Economy of no virtues other that unenforceable laws, citizens are proud for they have a platform they work nothing upon. Laissez-faire and socialism struggling endlessly between themselves, they have forgotten their origin in the battle of satisfaction and prodigality. Money falls from heaven just like the Israelites to some but some die like breathing in coffins everyday. The weak ones forget their dreams patrolling the city of no return (Lagos State) I’m gowns of Sodom, selling the beauties of Gomorrah.


Recently I saw a young, docile child in torn jean and and ancient top, frowning as she hawked anger and sachet water. Appointees of economic mutualism ought to have put this water on a free land for all. The needs are bought in huge amounts, desires and wants near not even forgone alternative.

-Ajakaye Rashidat.

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February 8, 2019


February 8, 2019

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