Short Story: Freedom on a Plate of Wisdom.

Short Story:

Short Story.


In a gigantically green town of glad agriculture survived a woman of circling manners escaping the willing cages of her modified chalet in the pursuance of education.


She crossed her long lofty dark legs in the admiration of a room owned by just her and her books of law and authority, brochure she let no hand upon,ago at home. Using her loaf was much faster than the horns of her father’s car arriving to remind her of the locked gate clogging his entry for the house,disturbing her unwritten thoughts in the over occupied room. As her elder sister will bark as a dog,


‘ Am I your mate? Am I gleaned to open the gate for daddy because you are reading? ‘ She would hiss out for the adjacent neighbors to hear.


‘ I have heard. God, I just pray I get of Secondary School fast. I even want to be a boarder. ‘  She will open the gate, kneel totally with the all her legs and her father will respond, ‘ Omoluabi ( well – behaved child).


It was all gone anyway, the heaps of plates in the kitchen seemed to be feathered now that she had to cook her indomitable and poach her eggs.Not in life but now, she was able to look at the mirror after writing, worshipping and prizing her hips, still writing unthought ideas. It was like independence on the offing.


Olakunle has pleaded out and about her business that he wanted to have a moment with her, was it just a moment or a look up rather? After giving his patience, charming words in presence and intelligence once over,she decided to visit him even though visiting wasn’t the oil to her privacy before she became a boarder.


The journey to his house didn’t kill her love for geography as that very night they arrived at the hostel late, back from an excursion. With bated breath he smartly said his address, she heard well but a dull brain would have just lost the statistics . She nodded her head that she was going to see him, as for that night, it was only a tissue of lies. After thinking and thinking of stealing his intelligence to her brilliance and pies in the sky of romantic moves made her marry her pillow in the chase of the bed’s comfortability then.


Safe and sound, here she was, sitting under a tent waiting for him since the few minutes she has sat in his hostel, his friends assured her he went to kick his feet on the football field, he was intelligent but a leopard can’t change his spots. Rather than smiling with every trouser that asked her name, moderation guarded her in all things, she picked a book from her petty bag and began to read her new words. Kunle was fond of being a student of every aspect, praise and corrections. She was waiting for five hours now, expecting it to be a sprat catching a mackerel.


Sadness tied it’s scarf around her face, her legs shaking as water, mad as a hatter, her face innocent as a new born – babe. She saw Kunle clinging to Veronica as they smiled into his hostel, holding her waist, trying to bounce his ball. Folakemi was lost in the freedom of choice, will she take underground steps out of the compound or confront Veronica and Kunle? It  was earthly and natural as a pikestaff, they were having romantic gestures and she stood holding her book to pass their side and move out. But who will she say she came to visit?



It was her mother again,

‘ Folakemiiiii….Your father has called me to pick his clothing from the dry cleaner’s place,go pick them before you eat your dinner .’


She opened her eyes, glorifying God, her mother took her out of that dream of no medicine than a shipping call rescuing someone as she said to herself, ‘ Is that what freedom will lead me to?’


Her mother hadn’t expected her to do prison in her nap. She peeped through her children’s door and she saw Folakemi thinking like a business woman.

‘ Folakemi, what is it, the writing again, just after a wake? Wole Soyinka should better come and carry you please. ‘


‘ Amen oo… Mummy please come.’ She retorted.


‘ What is it? ‘ She sat on her bed closer to her.


‘ Mummy I am really scared of doing my own thing now, like saying on my own, having a house, killing my house chores for my career, you know… Those things I say, like wanting to be a boarder in Secondary School. ‘ She spoke like a wet rat flogged by the rain of Noah’s time.


‘ No no no… Folami, why all these…? Very soon you will have it, me and father knows that. ‘ She was fond of calling her

‘ Folami ‘ when she wanted to calm her annoyance ,confusion or anxiety.


‘ Mummy, I had a dream now, it is against freedom. ‘ Folakemi spoke on tenterhooks.


Her mother requested her to narrate this dream about Kunle’s hostel and immediately she dropped her speech, her mother laughed.


‘ Folakemiiiii…. You are so funny, it that why you said your dream is against freedom? ‘ She put Folakemi to lay on the bed with her. ‘ Will you listen to my piece of advise today? ‘


‘ Yes Ma ‘


‘ Freedom is that part of life that when acquired, one has to be very careful with. When it is misused, only the folk will sob because no one saw you misuse the freedom because you were on the road of freedom. Freedom is a bryn (hill) that one has to be careful when he gets on it or else he will fall out of help,lose his gallu (ability). ‘


‘ Mother, how can I learn freedom before acquiring it? ‘ She asked again.


‘ Me and your father know you are not matured to keep freedom boiling that is why we watch you always. Let me hit the nail now, you are still young for freedom, with time, experiences and gradual words from people around you will give you a golden plate of wisdom before you place your freedom on it. Yakubu Gowon once said we Nigerians have money but we do not know how to spend it, that is just an example, wisdom comes before any desire or else that desire is useless. Nigeria sobs in various problems because we weren’t in wisdom before our independence. We hail democracy but prominent ones still fix leaders out of our behalf,is this freedom? Freedom is more cherished than an egg, in fact when one holds freedom, your next door neighbor shouldn’t know or else you will float in waters only hours and sink down, down, down. ‘


‘ Mother…. Aaaahh, thank you so much MA. ‘She drew her mother up and hugged her tightly. ‘ You are the best of all. I even think it just Socialism watching Capitalism, without our country operating on mixed economy, those on one’s uppers will continue kissing feet of the upper crust. ‘


‘ Give it to me again. Good girl, that is why we have Democratic socialism. ‘ The joy of her daughter understanding all she had said made her happy and she shook her.


‘ Mummy, you have made me see the light in freedom .’ She smiled like a Cheshire cat.


‘ You gave me your dream as a part to follow. I really appreciate your courage, you know most children would have hidden this dream, sinking in proud knowledge. ‘


‘ Thank you Mummy. ‘


‘ All right, darling… Promise me that you will teach your children what I taught you today. Will you, Folakemi? ‘ She pouted her pink lips as that of her daughter.


‘ Yes of course, maami.’ She nodded her head like a toddler being asked he should be beaten and knows only ‘Yes’.


‘ God will punish an adult

who refuses to teach a child and a child who refuses to obey an adult.’

She stood and made moves to the kitchen.


‘ Thank you so much Madame. ‘


‘ All right darling. ‘ Putting on her home heels to the kitchen.


‘ Why not, ‘ You are welcome ‘ mother? I have been observing you don’t obey the teacher you send me to on week days. ‘


‘ Please,you are welcome from where? I think replying with yes, all right or okay is better than saying what we understand is fully wrong. You have been home all day. Get up darling before your dad gets home.’

Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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February 4, 2019


February 4, 2019

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