Short Story:

Short Story.


Amidst an heating economy in a mired rule lived Manny, daughter of Sillah, young hearted, beautiful as queen size, ignorant of her body, filled with the gifts Camelot, her manner and serene gestures promising as Canaan.

Roaming in her striking ideas, still in the quest to explore the world’s beauty and romantic nature. She met Fred, a smooth creature on earth who took her to ecstasy with his charming word, she felt the impact and gave in to his persuasive gesture, allowing her sacred tent to be defiled.

As warts and all remain glad neighbors, his quest of satisfaction left her to mourn in her nakedness as she wiped and cried for her water pot have been broken. Rising again as David after his loss, looking for succumb, she met Stephen.

Stephen was full of the pride of waters and authorities, standing to assist her pick the pieces of her broken water pot but little did she know that Stephen is a bossy person whose ego made heaven cast him down to earth. Again, humiliated and made to face the earth with her naked face.

For sadness obeyed the dictating change, oh Engineer Mark Williams… Nobody and a dreaded person by out look, lively and merry as lark, straightforward as had nails, fond of facing his angle as he moves to his desired destination. His arms firm as bricks of Berger, his presence creating a storm of difference even in the prophecies of Joseph,his words lending lines to sons of Soyinka. A rugged and no nonsense business man, enjoyably naked in his corrections but peace at inward,he is indeed a worthy and wise son of freedom.

He whispered to her ear with with words of courage, gave her legs to walk when every one she met took her leg. Oh Mark, her supper hero! Mark went far the end of the world, fetching her joy in old gutters of hopelessness, recognizing her worthiness, instead of treating her as an unfixed toy, he dined in her table of knowledge and gradually fed her wisdom, cleansing her as he lifted her plight to pleasing change as and brought the stars to shine in her life while listening to her heart sing songs of love and contention, he continues till the unseen tomorrow.

©Mark Williams.
(Dedicated to Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo).

This is the story of a writer that was left and abandoned for her dream to crash nut today she is the best writer of our time.

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February 2, 2019


February 2, 2019

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