THE FASHIONABLE UNDERGRAD: Must-Haves For Your Campus Wardrobe(1)

THE FASHIONABLE UNDERGRAD: Must-Haves For Your Campus Wardrobe (1).

One constant struggle a lot of students face daily is picking what clothes to wear. Regardless of how big or small your wardrobe is, you always have to pick among a range of options and that, in itself is a mental tug of war in which unanswered questions plague you.

The mirror might make things easier, or a second pair of eyes, but at the end of the day you still have to choose to believe what your mirror shows or what your friend says. ‘Is it clean enough or will this stain embarrass me? ‘, “Is this appropriate? “, “Do I look good?”, “Would this turn heads? “. These questions and very similar ones come to mind even as we pick clean underwear.

Of course, the levels to which we care about our looks vary, some would not be caught dead repeating the same outfit within the time frame of one week while some would wear the same pair of jeans for an entire semester if possible and not give a flying fuck. This doesn’t change a fact that everyone cares about how they look and want to know how people would see them through their dressing. Whoever doesn’t care about looking good would have no problem wearing rags or going naked altogether. But no sane person would ever take that risk.

This is why I would, through this article, try to brush up on a number of items to achieve that college student look we all want to get commended for. Basically everything in school is casual, but even casual has its own range of looks that are so many to choose from. This is why, over the years, casual has come to mean ‘not over-dressed’ as it makes use of simplicity. And simplicity has different meanings for different people. I’d like to start with the male casual look and it’s must have items for a stylish college guy.

Jeans Trousers:

Jeans trousers are not overrated as they are the most versatile of male trousers and are of various fits and cuts. You can dress it up with some good old brown loafers and maybe a suit jacket over a turtle necked shirt or you could dress it down with trainers and a simple T-shirt. Jeans, especially dark jeans, are a must-have.


Are as versatile as Jeans and just as compulsory for your wardrobe. Since Chinos come in a wide range of colors, you might be tempted to go beyond the status quo of cool colors only. Please, resist the urge, unless you’re so adept at mixing colors that wearing lemon green wouldn’t make you look like a traffic sign. A good substitute for Chinos trousers are corduroys, just make sure it isn’t made of nylon or any other heat trapping material (speaking from experience) or you would find it incredibly difficult to receive fresh air in your lower body.


These are my all time favorites as I find trousers restricting and it’s a fun way to flash a little bit of skin and still look like a gentleman. Jean shorts are not my type but you should do what works for you since it’s your style we’re talking about, not mine. Summer shorts may or may not feature prints and patterns but are made of light material and give you the freedom you deserve especially in warm temperatures.
Shorts are also great when it comes to matching footwear; leather sandals, Low-top sneakers, palm sandals and even mocassins or Boatman shoes. And do not forget that socks are a no no when wearing shorts. Unless, you’re okay with looking like a school boy fantasizing about his uniform.

Next week, I’ll be listing must-have shirts and jackets for a college guy’s wardrobe and probably how and where to wear them. Remember, the above trouser types are what I have studied and confirmed to be not only functional but attractive and classy when worn correctly, it doesn’t erode the fact that it is very okay to play with your pieces once a while. You might add a few cotton trousers(I like to call them suit trousers), a few sweatpants would never look bad too since they seem to be trending nowadays in school campuses or you can choose to have your shorts made from beautiful African print material.

Just know what you want and make sure it isn’t over the top.

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