Poetry Corner: Too late is too late.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.


I don’t want to go back,
To the days you reaped me apart,
With your tongue like a sceptre with blunt parts;
I can’t milk out my own tears,
Knowing that with you, all is a lie,
So with your broken wings, please fly.

You broke my heart,
Foolishness is when I still loved you by heart,
Yet our love’s blackout was heavier than light.

Caught I you with Moses,
Giving you midnight doses,
Touching your senses and poses,
While your gnashing lips open and closes.

You still think I’m immune to corrosives?
What makes you think I’m in for your proboscis?

You know,
Just days and days ago,
Kevin told me about your one night solo;
The shit you told about me entered into tomorrow,
Just to give me sorrows.

Now you’re giving me a sorry borrowed,
But I’m sorry, my heart is now hollow,
Allow me to wallow,
Till I befriend the ancient black widow,
You can leave through the window.

Another night with Maureen,
You got taken in while he played the violin,
And his every “ting ting ting” were your moaning calling;

I thought you said you loved me,
I thought you said you cared,
Then why do you let my heart bleed,
Knowing how naughtily you fed,
On their beds and on their banana lengths.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about Peter,
The son to the smith and cleaver,
To whom you moaned a river,
I guess he was good,
So you feasted on him like food,
And made me the fool.

I still love you;
I hate that I still do,
But it’s too late now…..it’s too late forever,
It too late to be nice when nice is a slice so slight to be eaten as diet on other little fellas like Mike the mite.

I hate that I hate you;
I hate that I still do,
Because even with me in the queue, the Sky’s blue forbade me from clues because you even made love to that bull next to your boo,
Oh damn!
This is so you.

Once I was proud,
I did come around,
But I left my heart aground,
So that I don’t feel so green and brown,
It’s over,
I think Brian is better,
So send him these friendly shivers
“Please take care of my Silvia.”

Too late,
I’m sorry but it’s too late now,
Too late is too late,
But I want my heart to sleep sound…..

Letting go now…………

©Nana the Alpha.

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