Poetry Corner: Just Years Ago.

Poetry Corner:


From the word go,
they had sunk in rodding discipline,
knowing the ropes of convenience
and sweet lullabies for noctiphobia,
smooth mornings melodies murdered their mourning nightmares memorable
years ago.

It was just years async …

Their meals as lions share,
smiling eyes as Lydia,
bones rigid as Cassio.
Not to put a word,
even wise Solomon knew she
was the Queen among wives.

Gravity used coffins as ships,
to make her heaven.
They suffer in spades,
the society appears malignant
as men speak of easy assess
of their thighs use for a meal.
Snubbed by shyness in gatherings.

‘Oh mother, visible Goddess,
you left too soon. ‘

The earth hurts her offsprings
like hell in earth,
lonely harmattan, they freeze
in cold, claims caves in Awnnwfn.
Just years ago, she was alive.
Death, leader of its season.

©Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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January 11, 2019


January 11, 2019

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