Poetry Corner: Foe Of Environs.

Poetry Corner:

Poetry Corner.


Morning, night… I see ancient minded men,
feeding flies in thick bushes, ditches, canals .
Poverty stricken folks, responding to nature.
All knows, omelettes must break eggs.

892,000,000 practicing open defecation in 2016.
I hope to see none by this…
‘ Open defecation will end by 2019. ‘
I don’t feel it is fain done by anyone.
Lacking toilets, funds to feel comfortable,
Okareh said all levels of Government can tell them.

Say ‘Nay’ to open defecation,
No! Emptying of bowels in the air.
Africa is my father land,
Nigeria is country.
That seventeen years old girl murdered herself,
girl in Nalgonda district of Talangana.
Parents unable to make ends meet,
she wanted her privacy…
Privacy, a crime?

Leaders, it is 60,000,000.
We hail you
but our meals obey polluted air,
children shrunk by stunted growth.
Open defecation is a prime salient muderer.
Rain sweeping faeces, causing torpedo in streams.
Immigrants stealing away by the smelling environment.
Investors helpless as babe in arms.

Leaders we know,
we observe your mighty changes.
Search high and low,
North, West and East…
Provide sexy toilets for all classes of denizens.
Scholars, creative minds, patriotic men, dispose open defecation,
dispose it a a murderer.
Or else it may become a murderess.

I am ready to make the quantum leap,
who is ready to make the break through.
East be braced,
West be qualified,
North be primed.

My hearts mentions more than South East

Say ‘Nay’ to open defecation.

©Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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