The last twelve months has gone again for the longest night will excuse the dawn. Thousands of years has breezed before now, he who dies last sees most. As you read this, you are alive today to witness the colourful moments of 2019,standing the test of time. New year hangs a tale in earthborn life, in a fell swoop, we all feel blessed to be among the audience of 2019.Though some have tails in between their legs, others living with a tale, smatter on stocking intent pictures while the smallest part in various States has rand his bell, having good innings.

The earth can be described as a job lot of events. Read the honest truth, gravity will knock someday and death holds the key of all men even offsprings yet to be born.

New Year has taken its incipieny and it isn’t just to kill the fatted calf, serving neighbors to kill with kindness. New Year has begun today for an opening gambit to success, glee, merriment. No one is over the hill, for his aims. Senecent or young, brunet or white, she show must go in. As the great man, Mr. Paul Uche Ago once told me in my down, ‘ A star for you is coming .’ Today is the rising tide. Lord sits on his hilasterion, watching those who have lost faith in progress and Mr. Amaechi told me again, ‘ Stand and shake the pain off. ‘ Lord is watching those who have been tagged ‘ reinvent wheels’. Lord isn’t dead, as a wise Swynwr he veered life to a spiel so the gallu(power) can be given to he who deserves it.

Now, I want to be plain, prayers, humility consistency, eagerness begins today not tomorrow. With these you shall leap higher and higher than pie of the seven skies. Keep humility as your first solution to criticism, it may be hard but humility is a resounding silence making us less worried about the stress of life. With humility, you will taste the honey dark traditions. New Year has begun, you shall witness the complete years of Methuselah.

Insha Allahu.

©Ajakaye Rashidat Olamidayo.

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