Poetry Corner: Prince on the Hill Top.


Poetry Corner.


Time rolled away,

Days pass by,

Years went by,

All alone in the Wilderness,

searching for the missing one.

Hoping to even see him,

I stayed in the wilderness and lived,

There mingling with strangers,

Taking those strangers to be him.


Each time I sat under the pumpkin tree,

He comes to me like a spirit telling me I will come one day.

I kept on searching,hoping,waiting to see my water gold,my charming prince

Whenever he comes to my dream, he is like an enchanter,

With a sweet fragrance,

Strangers kept on betraying me,

Made a deep hole in my heart.

But I cried and shouted in the wilderness,

Hoping he will even hear me,he never turned up.


He made me pass through,

Thick and thin,

Meet fortunate and unfortunate people.

He made me understand and see the other side of life.


Until one day I thought of taking a walk to the hill top,

And I met a man with his black horse resting,

Sitting calm and making some meditations.


And he said beautiful, lovely poor girl,

I am the prince in your dream,

The one you see that always talk to you,

Encourage you in those days you cry and murmur,

I have come to take you my princess,

My treasure.


And I said with humility welcome to my life,

“The prince on the hill top.”

Written by: Bello Oziohu Suweibat ©2018.

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January 10, 2019


January 10, 2019

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