Petals Of Thorns

Petals of thorns.

Her beauty made every man to yawn
And her kisses blown out the candles light
But underneath her lips, dwells thousand of thorn .

Like a foreign man speaking in tongues
She whisper sweet love in ancient Tongues
Burnt candles of kisses, her petals is nurtured with thorns

She is the queen that wears no crown
She is the bitch that dressed in purple linen
She is Love turns poison

The blue-eyed bullet from the west
Captivating the soul of the feeble
Enticing the eyes of the robust

Her lap is a wide passage for the horse
But her soul is a round circle when it comes to love
She is infected to infect others .


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January 7, 2019

Mission Sambisa.

January 7, 2019

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