Mission Sambisa.

Mission Sambisa.

(Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa,
Tale of a Survivor.

Part 2.

Episode 18.

We just saw another battalion of terrorists camped right in front of us. Their number was greater than what we had even fought all the three days we were fighting in this dense forest. It was very obvious that we had been surrounded. We made an attempt to retreat, but a single misstep by Sgt Ahmed gave us out. I saw as the terrorists face our direction, and before they could stand and pick their weapons, we were already blazing through the forest in great speed. I felt bullets flying through my sides like they were escorting me. It was obvious that these terrorists were armatures in rifle handling, which was the reason for their target misses.

“Where are we running too?” Bright asked as we continued to move.

“Anywhere we face is the way” I said as we maintained our speed. It was humiliating seeing us run away from people we should have slaughtered like rams, but the reverse now was the case. We continued running, as Sgt Ahmed fell face down to the ground. We helped him up and just as he got up, I felt a sharp piece of metal tear pass my abdomen.

“Arrrghhh” I groaned as I fell to the ground. Bright opened up fire immediately and shot towards where the bullet came from. Blood was gushing out real bad, and I had to place my hand right at that spot.

“Hang on Bro” Bright continued to say. Sgt Ahmed and Bright continued to engage the terrorists and they were all over us. I gathered some dust from the ground, poured a little saliva into it and mixed it together. I forced it into the little opening that the bullet created in my body, and that reduced the amount of blood that was gushing out.

I managed to stand, as breathing was now a serious issue for me. It was as if something was stuck in my body and was disrupting the breathing process. I still managed to pick my rifle, and I joined them in shooting down the terrorists. We continued exchanging fire, and when it seemed like the battle was getting fierce, we had to retreat again. I quickly brought out the gas flare that I had behind my uniform and I released it towards their line of sight. That allowed us to gain some time, and we continued in our flight. We quickly calculated where we assumed that the terrorist won’t anticipate, and we moved quickly towards the direction.

We continued to run, till we came to a dead end. From afar, we could see enemy foot soldiers parading and waiting for us to enter their trap.

“If we go front, we die. If we run backwards, we die” I said.

“What do we do?” Sgt Ahmed asked. I was already losing energy due to the blood loss, but I wasn’t feeling anything at that moment. We were stuck there, debating on what to do, just then…

I can get signal” Bright almost shouted at the top of his voice. We verified, and it wasn’t able to get us the call we needed. We tracked the signal and discovered that we had to move further from our hiding position to make that call.

“How do we do it now, moving out of here is inviting death” I said. Everyone continued to look at the phone, with no idea of what to do with it.

“Let’s keep this phone” I suggested. “We fight till the end” I said. As soon as I said that, Bright shook his head in rejection.

“What do you mean?” I asked him

“I have to do this for us” He said

“Do what?” I asked

“I will go make this call and inform them about our position. If I die, I die” He said to him. While he said all these, I could see Sgt Ahmed shedding tears from his eyes.

“Bright please I beg you, don’t do this” I said as I gave in to my human side and tears flowed freely from my eyes. Bright too was in tears and continued to stare at the phone. Immediately, Sgt Ahmed grabbed the phone from him, removed his magazine from his rifle and handed it over to him. We continued to look at him as he did all that.

“Two of you are good friends, and death shouldn’t part you two.” Sgt Ahmed said.

“Don’t do this Sir” I begged too. “What about your wife and your new born baby?” I asked?

“Even if I don’t make this call, we are all still going to die” He said. He removed the extra bullets he had in his bag, and handed it over to me. He then walked outside of where we were ducking and started to move towards where we anticipated a strong network. I guess that the terrorists knew what he wanted to do, and started to fire voraciously at him. It was like the scene of a criminal tied to the stakes, and being fired upon to death.

I saw as bullets evaded his sight, as he finally found where he wanted to make the call. He dialed some numbers and placed it in his ears. Just then, the first bullet tore a very large portion of his back skin. I saw as blood splashed all over the whole place. The second bullets pierced through his laps, as he knelt to the ground. He continued to speak on phone, before the last one went directly inside his neck. That ended the call immediately, and Sgt Ahmed fell face down to the ground.

“Bright” I called him. He covered his face with his hands, and was weeping seriously. I called him severally, and he failed to respond. I had to pull out his hands from his face, and handed him over his rifle. As if I knew what was about to happen, we started receiving gunshots towards our direction. I wonder how they always know where we were. We had to return fire. We were just two people fighting a crowd.

“Put your heads down while firing” I said to Bright as he continued to exchange fire.

“To the left Bro…” I said to him and he covered that position for me. I stepped a little bit forward, and killed one of the terrorists that crawled towards our position. Just as I returned back to my former position, I heard a loud shout.

“Jesus God!!!” Bright shouted. He had been shot right in his right shoulder. While he was still shouting, he received another one on the right side of his chest.

“Arrrgghhhh” He groaned in pains and tears as he fell to the ground. I rushed towards him, and tried keeping him alive. The terrorists were still advancing with speed, and I tried to shoot as much people I could. Bright continued to cry, while I kept on shooting. I was engaging them from all direction, and I only prayed that my bullet won’t fail me.

“Arrrghhh” I groaned as I received a bullet to my left arm. My rifle fell out my hand, and I had to pick it, using only the right hand. I could no longer feel my left arm, but I wouldn’t let that distract me. I continued to shoot, and what I feared most happened.

“Cllliiccckk” Went the sound of my empty rifle. I had some magazines to reload, but I had no hand to do it. I fell ontop of Bright, and tried to use my body to cover his. Another bullet painfully pierced me through my back and another one to my buttocks. The terrorists continued to shoot from a distance, I assumed they had no idea that I had ran out of bullets. I was in serious pain, but I wouldn’t just give up the ghost like that.

“Bright…Bright…Bright…!!!” I whispered gently. I heard no voice and as tears dropped out my eyes, I closed my eyes in peace and darkness covered everywhere.

To be continued…

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