Born on the beautiful road
Where wind blows from a lurked room
Where letter are written with mouth by aliens and digested by aliens
Where the map keep redesigning itself like a rule set by the dead for the dead.

The earth becomes a host for us
But we the guests turn out to hold the host hostage
We capture the planet earth because we are learned
We turn the mountain to a rock and the rock to a field

Oh! Poor old Mother earth is lamentingCan’t you hear her deafening wails?Clothed in sackcloth, dry-tearfully mourning
She has been starving, see her so pale.

There used to be a colony of trees here with their large canopies
Why now is there a vast amass of wasted land
Could it be the British who colonized our colonies?
Or could it be the holocaust incensed by our own hands?

The blood I see made me cry
Bleeding were trees and lakes
All I see is the honey dry
Oh! Life for all tis now dead.

Like the ocean we borrow for dark mystery to visit
The water we guarantee for use but destroy for their sort
The village that never grief for centuries but cries when prodigious clock might.
And like a woman who fought the earth after sealing black mine.

I shall never tell
Even when we were mocked by demons
For we have abandoned beaches and beseech the underneath jewel
And when hope dies, we held belief in one.

Either we had a day to tell the fire with which we killed
The sky we be clouded,
The memories we shipped
Or the nonsocial and social setting we sent to dead.

In the morning we are fed with bread made of pure bliss
At twilight quail brings Manna from the hands of the Angels
But our manna has become mannerless
Like a book we’ve torn it to pieces entertaining a wild pen penning on our souls with mysterious mights.

Oh cute little nature! God’s gift to mankind
how have your rainbows lost their colours !
We borrow the star from the night
But we turn the moon to a red dot
The blossoming petals spreading love withered with the Antarctica.

Gently the ocean is kicking the bucket
And we still drink from his residue to fill our tasty tongue
Our fathers tomb changing clothes still more innovation is our drug
A replay of disasters, mumbling rocks, unfiltered emotions, dreary tunes, gravy images.

From Genesis we read,
To Revelation yet painted in red,
Emptying garbage and SEWAGES into her protesting mouth
Maybe that’s why the SEA is WAGING war with us now
Tsunamis and tornadoes they unleash, it’s simply Garbage in, Garbage out.

Of bloodshed in consciousness and unconsciousness, souls trek rendering the veil of the temple of peace
We’ve wronged you greatly over and over again
We’ll amend our ways if thou wilt be so kind
To give us a chance to discard the losses we’ve gained.

My tears, tear things, things I know not.
Why art the sun, sun – free?
And the moon now a moron ?
Oh for all bright and beautiful things far are they gone.
I pray we prey not again on life inside life – this my orison!!!


Textual Analysis

The poem APOCALYPSE is a poem written by Six Poet, and it talks on the wicked acts of man on nature. The poets tried to express their thoughts and feelings on the injustice done to nature.
The poem consists of 14 stanzas and the lines in the stanzas are the not equal; some have 5 lines while some have 6 lines etc.It has the total of 70 lines.
Stanza one talks on the beauty of nature in the beginning of things
Stanza two speaks on how human being dehumanize the nature, how we use our wit to scatter every natural things. Stanza 3 speaks more on what stanza one has passed down to us ; focused on the ills done to nature stanza 4 cries and lament the same thing that has been said in the previous stanzas all the remaining stanzas are telling more of the wicked done to the Nature and Stanza 14 gives the prayer of the persona how he wants the nature to be taken; with love and care.

Figure of speech

The Foremost and important about the poem is the Poetic license and Poetic justice
The writers through their various Diction create a Simple and easy to read atmosphere for the readers, The poet uses Visible and Familiar items which drags the attention of the readers and made the Poem more alluring.

The writers make use of Like and as which makes the poem sounds more realistic
I:E Like a woman S6 l4, Like a book s9 l4 E t.c

Imagery and symbolism
A greater tool used by the Writers to portray the poetry in a more visible way
I:E S3 L1 which talks about a colony of tree which symbolise alot like The beauty of nature, Agricultural products, and lots more

The Writers makes used of Allusion which proves that the subject Matter is not just a new thing but what have exist for a long time

The writers make great use of Pun
I:E Mannerless Manna, Sew-Wages e.t.c.

In the poem a lot of things were personified
Like the Mother earth, Nature e.t.cAnd lots more of FG like Irony, Metaphor, Conceit, Hyperbole, Repetition, Assonance, E.t. c



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