Is suicide Really suicide?

Hmm…., Hmm…                                          (heart bits heavily ) 


Is suicide Really suicide?

With tears mama Shola ran out of the garden.

Mama SHOLA :
Yeah, mogeh(I am finished).

Shola why? Shola why? Shola?

I taught, you would live for me till my sight fails?

Why so soon Sholale?

As people troop into the compound  where  a car which possessed a flat tyre at every wheel of the car at the entrance.  This was the only thing Papa SHOLA could not carry along the night he escaped after he found out that mama SHOLA was pregnant.

The SHOLA’S story is a peculiar case because she had just returned from the city but not complete because her Uncle ,Peter held broken  her HYMEN  (RAPED HER).

This was the STORY, the Nigerian singer called ” FALZ” narrated in one of his recent song titled “Child of the world”. But FALZ  had only told a part of this story two weeks ago. But today SHOLA is dead, she committed SUICIDE .

“Who killed SHOLA?
How was SHOLA killed?
Where was SHOLA killed?
And when ? “

These  where the questions of Mama  SHOLA, it caused silent noise among the people as the people & society said to themselves:

” Uncle Peter is to held responsible “

” Keep shot, all of you!
I am
by name “

” Uncle Peter had his faults  but he did not kill SHOLA. “

” Come with & I will tell you who killed SHOLA. “

As the poet went to the top of the old car at SHOLA’S compound to be his platform.

Then he started addressing the people  by asking :”Is suicide really suicide? “


Is suicide Really suicide?

Is suicide Really suicide?
Felt all the pain that was within, the dreaded & the lonely pain ;
Foreseeing all the endless clouds and the endless rain ;
In an entrapment of her bleak boredom place ;
Signs of endless tears filled her face.
Yesterday she was seen ;
Today she’s no longer existing ;
The autopsy reveals suicide ;
But not it’s homicide.
They say it’s caused by depression,
Isn’t it as a result of human impression?
You add to their scars instead of healing their pain;
You make them go insane ;
You push them to the wall ;
Making them wish they are all alone.
Your words! Your actions!
It leads to self destruction ;
Watch out!
Why not let’s take a stand?
Why not let’s fight together?
Let’s support each other!
Is suicide, suicide or murder without cause?
                        #MindYourActions                                                                                                                                   ©                                                         Olutola Oluwafayokunmi Joel

As this passsar-bye  called “Joel the poet” left,  the village took a new sense of reasoning.

The village head Napoleon Jesus blamed himself first,  for not calling uncle Peter back home & properly punishing him for his abuse on a Daughter of the land.

He also blamed everyone in that village who kept quite yet killed her by their words, actions & reactions. According to Napoleon Jesus even the flies of the land sang it so loud to SHOLA’S ears that she had no importance to the village but with the graves.

“Hmm…, how many more will die like this? , never again shall I silent my conscience but from today I am conscience Speaker.                         These  are my new rules:    #WarAgainstSuicide     #BriddleYourTongue   #MindYourActions. “said            Napoleon Jesus 


” Yea, yes never again shall we take  homicide for suicide.  “replied              the people

Finally, my people let teach uncle Peter a lesson the world would learn from, never  again shall humanity be abused.

“I say to you all let go to the city of Lagos behind the Lagoon estate & bring back uncle Peter to face the law of the land. ” said Napoleon Jesus 

” Good to go for a better society. 

Where :

#WarAgainstSuicide             #BriddleYourTongue
#MindYourActions        Shall rule “said    the people. 


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