It is okay to be quiet.

It is okay to be quiet.

Dear, it is fine not to have anything to say at a given point in time.

It is quite alright if you do nog know anything pertaining to the subject matter being discussed.

It is totally alright to say, “I don’t know”, or “I don’t have anything to say for now,” when people are looking up to you to hear from you.

It is wise to shut up when you don’t have any nice compliment to complement whatever the topic is.

It is wise to keep quite when you are just going to repeat the same thing everyone has said, maybe in a summarized or broader way.

You don’t have to prove to anybody how wise (or in some unfortunate cases, how foolish) you are.

It is not only safe but wise to be quiet when what you’d say won’t really add to the lives of the people concerned.

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November 28, 2018

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November 28, 2018

One Thought on It is okay to be quiet.

  1. It OK, that you told us the truth in clear terms then just bite around the bush with Rhymes. It just fine you came out different in your own not minding others. Thanks a lot for making humanity think wise before speaking


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