Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia.

Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia.

(Betrayal, Love, & Luck).

Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia.

Episode 8.

I sat down after the jumping incident thinking about my alive. 2 of the other guys that jumped had died due to lack of treatment. The injuries the remaining ones were carrying was smelling and their legs decaying. My mates go don dey finish NYSC for Naija while I was busy suffering in Malaysia. As I was at the house thinking, soji walked in and told me that a woman wants to see me at the hotel bar. I began wondering which woman wants to see at that time, or maybe they want to arrest me. Because I don’t even know anyone in that place. He told me that the woman specifically called my name and she sounded calm and meant no harm. Fear come dey catch me ooo. Na so I tell about 3 guys make them follow me go see the woman, dem no gree. Na only soji gree follow me. When I got there, it was even madam rose that was asking after me. It was a long time I saw her since about 3 months. She reminded me of what we talked the last time she came. I had actually forgotten that she said she only visits Malaysia once in 3 months to buy goods. We sat down. She told me not to panic as the police won’t come any soon. He asked what I was still doing in Malaysia, that she thought I had gone back to Nigeria considering the fact that I was endangering my life in Kuala. “How I wished I had the money to take a flight back to Nigeria.” I responded. I told her that I don’t have the money. She said she was ready to pay for my ticket so I could follow her back to Nigeria. Immediately she said that, it looked as if something erupted in me. I don’t know either to get excited that I want to go back or to become sad. I asked her to what end was she helping me. Because I couldn’t just understand. I barely even knew her and she just want to pay my flight ticket back to Nigeria.

She said something that struck me. She said she just liked and picked interest in me. But no be so the other Malaysian immigration woman talk before she stole my money and ran. She said I am very intelligent but wasting my life and future. But if I can take a bold step to go back, she would help me. After talking, she said I should go and think about it and that she would be living the country the next 5 days, so I should be fast and take a decision.

At night, I thought about what madam rose told me. I even asked of the opinion of some other guys. Many were of the opinion that I should stay back in Kuala, I shouldn’t go anywhere. If I was able to survive the last major incident that nearly took my life, nothing can happen to me again. Many of them said they were not even willing to go back to Nigeria. They want to keep fighting, maybe one day God would surely make a way. Soji wasn’t saying anything, he only said any decision I want to take, let it be for my own interest. I thought about so many things I had been told that night, even the words of encouragement that they had been so many people who came into that country as illegal immigrants but they never gave up. They fought hard and finally God blessed their hustle. As guys mentioned their names, I was encouraged but staying back in Kuala, na surfer I dey surfer ooo. And another thing, I wasn’t yet convinced about why she wants to help me because it seemed strange to me but since arriving Malaysia, I have been going through series of adventure. I was ready to take this.

The next day, I met with madam rose when she came to the bar. I told her my decision. That I wasn’t ready to go back to Nigeria. Well she wished me well but that I was just putting my life in danger and time is going. My mates sef don pass me and I am still in kuala struggling. I ignored her words. I was determined to stay back believing that all would be well soon. Madam rose gave me her Nigerian mobile number just incase of anything. I gracefully collected it. As I left the place, the thing was still doing me double mind, whether I made the wrong choices in my decision. But I braced and encouraged myself, feeling that no evil would happen, and that in no short time, na Rolls Royce I go carry come for my papa. I was becoming stronger and tougher.

Few weeks later, I was washing my boxers at the dustbin house when soji came to me. He said something came up. I asked what that was. He said someone made a proposal to us (illegal immigrants). ‘Which proposal be that kind one,’ I thought to myself because he told me that it’s a wealthy Malaysian that brought up the proposal. The man normally comes to the bar to drink. I just hoped it’s not death proposal. I asked what kind of proposal was that. He said that he needs 10 people to help push something to Indonesia. I began asking what would they pushing to Malaysia. Soji said that they didn’t tell him. That it was Ebuka that called and was telling him about the proposal. As soji said that, my mind had already gone to drugs. I believed they wanted 10 people that will transport drugs to Indonesia and I was not ready to do that. That one sef is a death proposal. All Asian countries doesn’t joke with drug related offences. When caught, that one na death sentence. Me sef, I just tell them say I no dey interested because I just felt it would be drugs they would push.

Two days later, I walked into the new house, I met them deliberating who would be going to Indonesia. They said the man who made the proposal said he would be paying each person $2,000 just to push the stuff. Me sef I no care. I left the place. I can never push drugs. I went outside to meet soji. I asked him if he wasn’t joining them to push. He said that one was death sentence, because it is pasted in Indonesia at every airports, seaports and even if one walks 0ne pole, they would definitely see the signpost, “EVERY DRUG RELATED OFFENCES IS DEATH SENTENCE.’ So he wasn’t ready to die.

2 days later, I and soji were at the dustbin house when one of the guys came to meet us. We began arguing about the proposal. Some guys started telling me majority of people who had succeeded in pushing drugs to Indonesia have made it. They were willing to volunteer themselves. They mentioned their names. I wasn’t even interested because I no wan push anything.

3 days later, I and soji were talking and he was telling me that it was indeed hard drugs the Malaysian business man wants them to transport to Jakarta, Indonesia. And with over 50 of us, only 4 people had agreed to risk their lives. Soji said he was telling to know if I was interested in joining those that are going. Me I just reject am. He laughed.

3 weeks later, soji said he got a call from one of our colleagues who was part of the people that transported drugs for the Malaysian business man. He said the guy called through ebuka’s line, saying they succeeded in delivering the drugs and they had been paid and infact the man is planning to help them start a better life in Europe. Well I was happy for them and wished them well. Soji told me that they have started looking for another set of people to transport drugs to Jakarta. Me I tell am say I no dey interested. He told me he was tempted to go with them since he had been in Kuala for long. Maybe when he gets to Jakarta, he would start a better life with the money that would be paid and for this one, $5,900 would be paid. And it’s an opportunity to get an Indonesian Visa. Another thing is that for those that their passport has expired, they would help bribe their way to the Nigerian embassy in Malaysia and it would be renewed. As the guy was talking, I was just nodding because I wasn’t ready to join in the race. Even the Nigerian embassy in Malaysia is very corrupt with so many bribery allegations.

As time went on many illegal immigrants, our colleagues were joining in the race. We were reducing and it seemed I and soji were the only reluctant. And we were yet to hear about anyone that has been caught. The only thing we heard in weeks were that some of them were leaving Indonesia and moving to Europe to start a better life. I even heard that one of the guys that first pushed drugs to Jakarta, one of them had even bought a car.

As days go by, I and soji were tempted to join the band wagon. Soji was telling me that the next one that would be pushing, he would join them. Me I no dull myself. The pressure was on me to follow suit. Malaysia wasn’t the promise land I dreamt off. I wanted a better life. I thought Malaysia was like the lost Garden of Eden, I never knew that it wasn’t what I dreamt of. I had to take my stand.

To be continued…

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