The Power of Relevance

Poetry Corner
Poetry Corner

When you are not heard,
It means you have not been speaking.
When you are not seen,
It means you have not been showing up.
When you are not needed,
It means you have not been helping.
Where you are not loved,
It means you have not been worthy.

God places you where you would be relevant.
You are where you are because you can be relevant.
You will not have been sent to your geographical location if you did not have the capacity to be relevant in that location, that is why it is called your “sphere of influence.”
It is a sphere you can influence, so if you are not influencing that sphere, you are the problem.

A person who doesn’t bring light to a place constitutes to the heat in the darkness, therefore, invariably making it less bearable, or “darker.”

Find ways to be relevant. The time is not really as much on our side where relevance is concerned. There is a time you are meant to be relevant to a generation. Once you loiter around or dance around life without having something to show for it, life will pass you by, and before you know it, your time to be relevant slips off your fingers, you now become a foolish “old wise man” who gives advices to the younger generation to find how to be relevant.

You have the power to be relevant. It is completely your fault if you are not relevant where you are right now. It is of your choosing, and you’d be foolish to choose irrelevance.

Find ways to be relevant!             Find ways to stay relevant!
Dig up your talent!
Take charge!

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