Costly love



Under the moonlight
Away from their sight
Your skin sparkles
Your eyes glitters
I see love in them
It connects with my heart.
My trouser bulges
Third leg at alert
I see you notice
There is a smile on your lips
It sparked a thunder
It waxed desire
But then I remember
You are not for a mortal.
Yesterday, Eze-idemilli, priest of the goddess
Nzu on his face
Nkpara in the mud
With a stern face he warned
That you were marked for the gods
The consequence is death
For this our love
My love I’m sorry
My mother is aged
I’m the only son of my father
In his hut lies an Ikenga
It should go to my descendants
This our love is too costly
I can’t pay the price
Our moon to blood has turned.
© Odawn Muazu Abraham (The Vista)


Under the moon light 

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