(Academic staff  Union Universities) 

How deadly strikes are to the Nation. They are bad habits which eats up the nation’s development.

    ‘ DEAR  A. S. U. U’

November 18, 2018.

Wish a tear

could fall loudly  that the birds of the air 
could hear the sound in the air.

Wish I could be there to
halt the stress 
and purify my pen 
to see how we felt.

When will our pen be there 
afresh to speaketh on the air 
because it over a year.

Our hopes are growing pale. 
ASUU you need to fear.

Dear ASUU,

Our eyes are in mind, 
who will dust our sand?

Our dead minds are in hunger. 
Who will protect our sea? Make our land  stronger… 
Let us see!

Our hope are stronger, 
don’t save us to be anger. 
For our goals will stagger.

Our days are shorter, 
time, enemy of patience. 
We need the ginger
to brighten our sense.



We are the tomorrow , 
we need the ladders
to band the stories of sorrow
before we are leaders.

We are students, 
when will we be scholars? 
To teach our mothers and fathers. 
We have to melt the dents.

Our ancestors are beginning tear, 
wholly you can hear. 
Their inheritors in us, 
the faithful leaders are in us.

Our graduating days are numbered, 
earth’s rotation can not be ordered.

We need to be back in school, 
we are the Moses’  Of Africa.
Hail school!

© Talking Pen




on letter to ASUU

    This picture with Quote  above from Mr Tosin Emmanuel Ebitoye  speaks of bad habit so also strikes are bad habits because they destory the nation’s development.  

 ” I  write for those whose pen is becoming  inkless because of the constant ill treatment give to education in this part of the world.” TALKING  PEN 

    The poet personae expresses sympathy for the youth of today as their education is delayed by obstructing strikes. He sees education as a dependable tool for the future of any State therefore he writes this invaluable piece to help the smartness of education.

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November 19, 2018


November 19, 2018

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  1. Hello you stole my poem dear Asuu

  2. Hello blogger,

    The poem dear asuu belong to me not Mr Tosin Emmanuel Ebitoye he stole my work and wrote is name on it

    for proff
    You can check http://www.ajekayereaderscroner.blogspot.com

    And type dear Asuu

    My name is Bamidele Ayobami Lukman


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