Poetry Corner: The Woman.

Poetry Corner.

Poetry Corner
Winsala Muses.

The Woman.

No me without you,
Created from my innermost,
Bone of my bone,
Without you in my destiny,
Essence is incomplete.

No me without you,
Strength and dignity are your clothing,
Flesh of my flesh,
Your price is far above rubies.

No me without you,
You’re my glory and crown,
Light of my life,
My inestimable jewel.

No me without you,
You’re the reason behind my smile,
The joy of my life,
My soulmate.

No me without you,
Helper of my needs,
My guardian and counsellor,
The woman for me.

Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the girls? Men!
Who run the men? The woman.
It’s the woman’s world.

©Winsala ‘gbotemi, 2018.
Property of Winsala Muses Ltd (winsalamuses.com.ng). All rights reserved.
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