Mission Sambisa, (Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa.

(Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa,
Tale of a Survivor.

Part 2.

Episode 13.

I got to know how those terrorists could manipulate the technology we used against them. I always told my comrades that. these guys were more powerful than we imagined. How did they know that we had such technology in our arsenal? I guess it is as a result and manner at which our superiors announce any new weapon we purchase to the media. It makes its way to the sponsors of these terrorists and they find a way to crush us to the ground like they always do.

Now see what happened like I discovered. Our bomber jet operates on the principles of infrared to collect body temperature among living things with a specific mile radius. The terrorists had already gotten information that we were going to be scouting the area, according to reports; they dug deep into a cave and blocked it with so many barricades. This way, they were living deep down the ground, and there was no way the sensor could pick up any one of them.

The bomber jets flew past the area a couple of times, after concluding that the area was safe, we were now ordered to land in the death hole they tagged “safe zone.” As soon as they got information that the jet that was on its second missionary journey was a carrier jet that was when they prepared to strike. With a well calculated and a nice precision, they launched a rocket to the plane. The first one was almost missed, but it ended up scuttling the plane and Cornel Andrew fell off the plane immediately. Then the second one was launched and it was a disaster to the occupants of the plane. We lost a lot of soldiers and I wonder how we could use about 7 soldiers to finish up this mission and return home the way we came. We had to navigate the rocky hills of the Sambisa forest and know exactly where the gunshots were coming from. We continued to navigate the desert and we had walked about 2 hours without taking water that night.

While we got closer, we discovered that the gunshots had reduced drastically. I suspected that either Cornel Andrew had cleared off the terrorist’s troop, or something else has happened. But how possible was it to be true? We tried as much as possible to walk faster, but most of the men were already getting tired. It was a very cold weather that night, and we had to get to the battle front that same night before the break of dawn. A soldier fell down under the weight of his gun, armor bag and body armor. I decided to order others to take off their body armors, if it was going to be heavy for them. About 4 of them decided to drop their body armors and we carried on with the journey. We continued to walk for about 3 hours, navigating the dry sands and rocky terrains of the dreaded Sambisa forest.

“I have to rest” One of the soldiers said as he was panting heavily. I knew he was already tired and exhausted. The only option left to him was just too faint and everything would end. I didn’t want to lose another soldier, as that would reduce our count to just six of us.

“Take coverrrr” I shouted as I pushed Bright out of the way and fell on top of him, only for us to receive a blast from the enemies’ rocket. It didn’t land in a good position. It shredded one of our soldiers into pieces and flung the rest of us into other directions. That was just a signal that we had gotten close to enemy fire. We decided to crawl our way up the rocky terrain and bushy path. Crawling up that path means that we wouldn’t be able to see any incoming rockets; but it would at least protect us from the visibility of the enemies. It was a risk we would take, if we would ever have any hopes of surviving.

“Can we turn back and return to base?” I consulted with the team

“But we don’t have any means of evacuation” One of the soldiers reminded me.

“Jesus my lord” Bright screamed in his normal way.

“We are all gonna die right?” He asked.

You have to calm down and don’t put fear into the hearts of people” I shouted at Bright

“But he is saying the truth na” Another soldier interrupted. I looked at their faces and all I could see was demoralized men. Fear, guilt, hunger and thirst had taken over them.

“Never lose hope; all of us here are going to get home safely. Our wives, children, mothers are going to welcome us in a grand way. We will get those promotions and prove all of them wrong. We will show them that we are the modern day Spartans and nothing will divide us in this battle of life and death!” I spoke with much enthusiasm. I could now see boys who were willing to put in their all in that battle of life and death. We all felt energized and were rearing to go.

With much speed and vigour, we crawled up up the rock terrain and found where we could stay and launch our attack. We could see the enemy’s position clearly, but we were outnumbered in terms of numbers and defense positions. They were all behind bunkers and had a Heckler and Koch MG5 machine guns that could fire multiple rounds within seconds. They had about three mounted in different locations. We would have taken them out with a sniper, but we were seriously lacking in that department.

Our sniper was among the casualities we had in the plane crash, and the M16A4 that we had wasn’t able to shoot past a certain range. We had no option than to engage in a face to face combat with them.

“Can you find Cornel Andrew?” One of the soldiers asked. One of them again had to bring out his binoculars and trace down the path the terrorists were having a field day kicking something around.

“God!!” The soldier with the magnifier shouted.

“What’s that?” We all asked almost simultaneously. He paused for a second with tears almost roaming down his eyes. He looked at us and tears started to flow freely. I held my breath tightly, so as not to let emotions overtake me.

“Calm down Sgt” I beckoned on him. He started to communicate in a language quite unknown to me. I held him, likewise other soldiers.

“What happened?” Another soldier asked, as he pointed down the hill where the enemies were having fun…

To be continued…

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