Mission Sambisa, (Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa.

(Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa,
Tale of a Survivor.
Part 2.

Episode 12.

I promised to continue and here I am. We boarded the chopper with just one thing on our mind. We wanted to go and annihilate those terrorists that have caused lots of pain for the children, mothers, fathers and everyone living in the north. Everyone took their position inside the chopper, and with a loud noise the chopper rose to the sky and we were on the move.

“We are getting close to the landing area” Cornel Andrew shouted. I and other comrades quickly arranged our rifles, shook hands together and was waiting for the other to start jumping off the chopper. Just then…

There was a loud bang that struck the side of the chopper. Nobody knew what it was, but it flung our chopper into confusion. Cornel Andrew was standing at the exit of the chopper; and during the confusion he was thrown out.

“Noooooo” One of the soldiers yelled. We could see flashes of lights I assumed were bullets coming the direction of our chopper, and the pilot had to find a way to move out of the direction of fire.

“Cornel is out of the plane” I shouted at the pilot. He could barely hear me, and I had to rush towards the cockpit and shout into his ears.

“What do you say?” He responded

“We have to go pick Cornel Andrew” I shouted back

“What happened to him?” He yelled

“He has fallen off the chopper” I responded back.

This was an officer that told us the importance of team work, and he was the first person to be missing in action. I guess he was already exchanging fire with the terrorists. We had a drone that was capturing exactly what was happening in combat.

In the middle of our heated arguments on whether to go pick up Cornel Andrew or not, we had a second loud bang on our chopper that sent it crashing to the ground.

“Jesus” was all I shouted and everywhere became so blurred and dark. All I heard was shouts and tears that filled the whole place. I managed to stand, and with the aid of my night vision that was still hanging on my neck luckily, I could see all our soldiers. I could see some of them burning and roasting, but I couldn’t help.

How did I survive?” I asked myself as I quickly Identified others that were still around and alive. Some of them that weren’t hit majorly sustained a little injury, while others were spared totally like I was. Out of the large group of soldiers that was on the plane, only about five of us were well able and about three of us were slightly injured. The rest of them sustained major and devastating injury while the others had giving up the ghost. We dragged the ones that were still breathing, and tried leading them to a safe place where we could find cover.

The other one that were still burning and already roasted were left behind to die slowly and painfully. There was nothing we could do. Our unit doctor was already dead, alongside the two pilots of our chopper.

“I don’t want to die” One of them shouted. Immediately he said that, I remembered that I didn’t even ask about Bright.

“Bright!!!” I yelled mildly with fear all over me. The gentle voice I heard behind me was all I needed to calm me down.

“What do we do?” one of the soldiers asked. It was a minute of deep thinking. “What should we do?” I asked myself again. We were still thinking of what to do, when one of the soldiers gave up the ghost.

“Frank!!” “Frank!!” another soldier called out his name mildly as he repeatedly hit his chest. He had gotten so cold like ice.

“No…..!!!!” I shouted out. I quickly opened the wound of the other soldier and he had already lost his left arm. Blood was gushing out badly and all I did was search around and found some first aid box and attended to it. I had to pull out some of the flesh that blocked the bones that littered out. I stuffed our dog chain to his mouth before his shouting would give out our position.

He moaned in deep pains and we managed to pull back the arm temporarily to his body before using the bandage to close it up. We left him there and decided on what next to do.

“We have to go back and rescue Cornel Andrew” I said to them

“No not possible” one of the guys objected.

“we have to” I said to them. Most of them stood there looking dejected without any knowledge of what was even going on. I looked into their faces and saw people who had given up on life. The only option I knew they heard was just to fall under the bullets of the terrorists.

“Why…!! Why me ooooo” one of the soldiers lamented deeply. We have to go save Cornel Andrew and that was our first mission. We carried the injured soldiers somewhere far away from the rubbles, so as not to attract attention. That we did, before we set out to find the Cornel. He fell out about 2 km away from where our plane crashed. We tried connecting back to the base, but the reception was so bad. We had one single mission now, and that was to stay alive till the break of dawn. We started to trek back to the direction that we felt that he fell. It was a hard journey up the mountain and rocky hill of Borno state, coupled with the fact that it was a chilly night. We continued to journey backwards, and we were already getting tired. At a point in time, we started to hear the sound of gunshots.

“Where is this coming from?” one of the soldiers asked

“I guess it is officer that is engaging them in combat” Bright replied. We quickly squat and re arranged our weapons and stayed low as we headed towards the direction of the gunshot, and making sure that we stayed out of enemy fire and line.

“But I thought that no terrorist was seen here, where did the missile come from?” One of the soldiers asked confused as we stayed low and continued the movement. I later got to know what happened, and I will say it in the next episode.

To Be Continued…

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