Poetry Corner: Dismal Heart.

Poetry Corner: Dismal Heart.

Poetry Corner
Winsala Muses.
A poem by LexiSully.

I walk alone,
Turning aimlessly left and right,
Feeling the cold from the rain seep through to my dismal heart.

Hot tears stream down my grief stricken face,
Contorting in and out of melancholy shapes,
Allowing my pitiful sobs to seep out.

My chest is tight with my broken heart,
Burning with every shaky breathe taken,
Surprisingly resisting the urge to cave in all together.

The world is bland,
Every color seems to have faded to shades of black and grey,
Doleful rain falling aimlessly to the ground.

Cheerful people sing in the rain,
Dance through the streets,
Jump in the forming puddles.

But me?

I walk on,
Sensing the cold swishing of my feet in my soaking shoes,
Craving to be unnoticed and left with my dismal heart.

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