Mission Sambisa, (Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa.

(Tale of a Survivor).
Mission Sambisa,
Tale of a Survivor.

Part 2.

Episode 8.

*******“I was always scared of coming here but believe me, here is wonderful without and form of pain” He spoke with so much smile and enthusiasm. I smiled with him and all he requested for was just for me to give him my hands for him to lead me. I quickly turned back to see who else was around, and behold I saw my mother crying and begging me not to give him my hands.

I turned around and saw something like a screen playing right through my face about my life activities and how I grew up from a stubborn little child. She reminded me my promise that night before I left the next morning to the training camp. I saw dad very sick and how he had been admitted in the hospital already. Then something caught my attention, it was Geneaa!

I saw her with another guy laughing and gisting. They were in a position that made me realize that something was going on that wasn’t so good. The way the guy hugged and kissed her revealed a lot about the current state of my fiancé. I was shocked and looked back at my mama who was still in tears begging me not to follow Tunji to where he was taking me to. Out of anger, I looked at Tunji and told him ‘I have to go get what is mine.’ He smiled and told me that

“In life, every action you take depends on the choice you make”

I quite didn’t understood the meaning, but I knew that I was already heartbroken. Then in a matter of flash*********

I opened my eyes and saw people checking out my body inside the dark room.

The mumu don wake” was the first thing I heard when I opened my eyes that could barely see properly. My hands were still handcuffed to the chair as I groaned in pains. I was determined not to die. Even if I had no reason to live, I needed to stay awake till when we will be finally killed by the firing squad.

“Mumu! I think say you don die?” The soldier who was with me in the room asked. I was even too weak to say anything as I kept staring at him like someone who saw a ghost in his dreams. I remained there for days with little or no food, and hunger was killing me faster that the pains and wounds all over my body. Sometimes they will pass across to me some of the leftovers of food. When it was time to eat, my hands will be let loose. Food is food and there is no how I can reject such food after being starved for days.

Life is a battle meant to be worn. Having no reason to live again was even enough reason to pass out to a land where pain and suffering doesn’t exist. I was still reminiscing over all these before the door of the prison flung wide open and there came in two soldiers speaking hausa language. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but I knew they were saying a lot of things.

One of the guys raised my face and looked me in the eyes before dropping my head down. The other went behind and unlocked my handcuff as I was led outside. They pushed me outside and behold it was a bright afternoon. I could barely open my eyes as I used my hands to cover the rays of light from penetrating into my eyes, due to the wounds in there.

“Dey move Oga, we no get time” One of the guys said as they pushed me towards a certain direction and I moved sluggishly. We arrived a room and they asked me “collect the one wey go help you do the work well ooo.”

I managed to bend and picked up something I felt was a cutlass. I picked it as we moved on to our destination. I couldn’t see what was happening around me because my eyes were in great pain and every single part of my body was itching. To make the matter worse, these two guys were also with their horse-whip.

‘This man move fast” The guy yelled angrily as he lashed onto my back the horse-whip that he held on his hand.

Have you ever been in such a position that you felt pains all over your body and didn’t even know where exactly was paining you? That was my position at that moment but I knew it would also last for a long while. We finally got to my place of assignment and it was a large piece of land I needed to clear. I peeped at the distance and land mass of the assignment area, it was not so big but it was actually big for someone in my condition.

“Please… I… I… want wate…water” I stammered as I pleaded for them to help me with water. They looked at each other and laughed so hard.

“You be Igbo shebi?” One of the soldiers bent down as he asked me that. I nodded in agreement before him and his colleague laughed again.

“I hear say una no dey die, say una strong well well”

‘Shebi?” the other chipped in

“No be water you go drink, you go also drink piss” He said as they laughed harder again.

I tried sitting down but was forced to stand after receiving a lash from the both of them. I tried standing and doing what they asked me to do before I staggered and fell on the floor and everywhere became blank!

*****”I asked you to leave that wicked place and join me here, but you still don’t want to agree brother. Why?” Tunji asked me with a sad face.

I can’t leave the people I love behind Tunji” I argued my case”

“Do you still feel pains here?” He asked me. That was when I noticed and looked around my body and discovered I was glowing in a very clean attire. I touched my body round and believe me, no atom of pain around.

“Just give up and Join me here please” Tunji begged

“I miss all of you here please. Here is very lonely with only few friends I made”

“How is Bright?” He asked

“He is fine but will soon be killed” I responded with tears in my eyes.

“IF you know he will soon be killed, just come and stay here with me and he will also come to join us. Please I beg you” Tunji pleaded with tears in his eyes.

“My fiancé has married another guy” He added “And my family doesn’t know that I have already left their own world to my own world” He said as he cried.

“Please; even if you feel you can’t join me here, promise me one thing” Tunji requested as the tears in his eyes were still flowing much.

“Tell my mother I love her and tell her that I left a true soldier who didn’t give up even in the face of death. Tell them that I am not missing but I can never just be found again. Please Tell my fiancé that she should always be happy even with her new husband. Tell my younger ones I love them so much”

“Tunji I have to go”

“Just tell me you promise to send all these to them. I want to leave in peace over here, but all this   information keep making me restless” He pleaded

“I promise” I yelled as I kept moving into somewhere I didn’t know about. Just then!!**************

I opened my eyes…

To Be Continued!!!

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