Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia.

Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia.

(Betrayal, Love, & Luck).
Diary of an Illegal Immigrant in Malaysia.

Episode 2.

I began mounting pressure on my parents to do something. After my final exams in the university, I was awaiting my result. I believed that my result would be so good. I saw that my parents were not doing anything concerning my travelling for my master’s degree. I had about N163,000 I saved up.

Barnabas had requested to help me out. He gave me a contact of someone that helped him on his papers. He only requested that I should send him $1,000 so he could facilitate the letter he would send me which would help me get Visa at the Malaysian embassy in Lagos. I sent him the money and he requested I send him another $1000.

I disturbed my dad to give me the money, he told me I was on my own. My mom refused giving me the money. Not until my final year result came out, and I did very well. I told my dad that I won’t go for my NYSC, that Malaysia was my calling. Many of my relatives tried to prevent me from going but I refused.

With the way I disturbed my dad, he finally agreed. “But where is my admission letter!” He asked. Barnabas told me that they are reputable universities in Malaysia that allows for me to come over to Malaysia first before registration.

There was this university I registered for. Though the tuition fees are $8,000 for international student residence but for a person residing in Malaysia, its $4,000.

Barnabas advised I get a visa in Nigeria then come over to Malaysia, within one month of my stay, I would be giving admission and my visa status would be changed. Rather than me given a student visa, I would be given a resident permit so it would allow me to school and work. He said the only thing I need that time was to send the remaining $1000 for him to finalize the facilitation of my letter that would enable me to get a visa here in Nigeria.

Without the letter, the embassy won’t give me any visa. They required a written letter from anyone I know in Malaysia inviting me to the country. Na so my papa begin hustle ooo and we sent the remaining $1000 to barnabas and letter was sent to us. And we used the visa agent he suggested to us. Before 2 months, I was given a Malaysian visa.

Na so I come dey happy ooo. It just looked as if I won the world cup.

To be continued…

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