New Creation, (A Thriller Story).

New Creation.

(Thriller Story).

New Creation, (Thriller Story).


The national stadium was overcrowded with people and many more are still struggling to get a space inside the stadium, some already gave up and just decided to cling around outside the stadium. So long they could hear his voice and see him on the projector tv, it was okay for them. With the kind of crowd seen in and outside the stadium, one would think it was a football match between two heavyweight clubs that was going on inside the stadium. Who else can gather so many people all around the continent and even the whole world if not the great minister of God, Apostle Williams Iruoha.

He is indeed one of the greatest men of God in the whole world. The great miracles and wonders that God has done through him speaks a lot for him not to talk of his humanitarian works, he is greatly loved by all which will make people all around the world do anything just to attend his annual crusade. The crusade is more of an interdenominational program since the Apostle doesn’t actually have a church of his own, he only goes about attending different seminars organised by other churches because he believes he is not meant to deliver the gifts and teaching of God to limited people. Many pastors from different churches all over the country are in attendance alongside their members since they knew the Apostle had no church of his own hence he doesn’t pose a possibility of stealing their members away.
“God saved me from the claws of death, His mercy rewrote my life and the same God is ready to save you right now” The Apostle said as he closed his bible which signified he’s about to round up his preaching for the day.

“But for him to save you, you have to submit yourself to him” He said walking down the high pulpit mounted in the middle of the stadium.

“For the word of God according to the book of 2nd corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 made us to know that If any one is in christ he is a new creation; the old has gone and the new has come. The bible didn’t say if some special kind of men neither did it say that this particular men rather it said if any man. Regardless of all you have done, irrespective of all the things you might have been through, the bible says you can be a new creation. Let old things pass away” He paused and starred around to see if he was really hitting the multitude with his message, when he realised they were moving with him he continued.

“Brethren, I beseech you right now, if you are yet to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour, I want you to come out here right now to surrender yourself on to him, give him your life and let him rewrite your life, come out here and be a new creation” he said while the choristers began to sing some worship songs.

The Apostle walked up back to the pulpit, picked his bottled water to have a sip and then walked down to where the people who came out for altar call are now standing. The people that came out for altar call were closed to a thousand in number, he looked at them and smiled. He was glad that he was leading so many people to christ. As he was looking around, he noticed something strange. He saw that most of the people standing in the front roll were putting on green tops and they were all looking weird, he immediately signalled for his bodyguards to come around. As soon as the bodyguards surrounded him and he was about to give them some specific instructions, sounds of gunshots rocked the stadium. There was pandemonium, the whole stadium turned upside down in a twinkle of an eye.

To be continued…

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