Mission Sambisa, (Tale of a Survivor).

Mission Sambisa.

(Tale of a Survivor).
Mission Sambisa,
Tale of a Survivor.

Part 2.

Episode 7.

The lash of koboko that landed on my back without clothes almost made me ran mad. I stood up in a flash of light and dived the Military police soldier there, over powering him and knocking him to the ground. I landed a blow on his jaw, which I believed would be a remembrance even when I am out of this world.

I kept on with the blow till I dispossessed him of his fire-arm, while I waited for other of his colleagues to come around. My cell mates didn’t even interfere because this same guy was the person that kicked me right in the face the other time inside the cell.

‘God punish you’ I kept on hitting him till I heard the sounds of whistle all over the place. I quickly stood up before they got closer to me. Believe me, I have received a lot of beating in my life, but the one I received when some of his other colleagues met me was almost closer to someone who went for a vacation in hell fire.

The punches came from all directions and I guessed my cell mates and other soldiers who were there later involved themselves in the fracas. I kept on receiving punches and I was pretty sure that my body parts had all gone swollen. They later reduced to contain the other soldiers who were already rebelling and was turning the whole place into a riot scene.

The early intervention of senior military officers saved the day. When they finally stood me up, it was blood all over me. I could barely see again, as my both eyes were visibly swollen. They dragged me and handcuffed me,  while they dragged me away. The worst part was that I couldn’t clean off the blood that was dripping from my eyes, nose and mouth. I had lost about two teeth, after I used my tongue to run a quick check round my mouth. I was visibly crying as I was dragged along and flogged like someone who committed murder. I kept moving, as they kicked me from various directions despite the fact that I was already half living.

Tears couldn’t even come out well from my eyes because it has gotten swollen so bad. I staggered in pains and when I fell by the way side, one of the soldiers stumped on my belle, and dragged me up again. I vomited blood immediately as my breath was getting slower and slower. I knew I was closer to hell, judging from where I assumed they were taking me to. When we got to a turn, I was kicked to face the direction I was meant to go.

I was still crying out, but I knew that the cries wouldn’t help in this situation. I staggered till we got to the special cell that was reserved for people with special punishment. They pushed me in already and I fell to the ground, hitting my head in the wall in the process. I curled up myself, as I wailed in pains, but it wasn’t enough to make them stop. This looked like a mild version of the general beating they gave to me, but this time the numbers were few.

After a while, they left me as I kept shouting and crying out in pains. I cried till there was no voice left in my throat again. I cried till I became tired and almost slept off. I became as quiet as I could be and laid down there like a lifeless body. A lot of thoughts were running through my mind as I remembered that I would be here till they uphold the final judgment of our execution.

They had already giving us tips that our punishment would be death by firing squad, but we were just hoping and praying that it would be reduced. If I ever had chances of getting free, I believe it was all gone right now.

Few minutes later, someone entered the room and positioned a chair. I could barely see what was happening till I heard the sound of the chair being positioned. The two of them came and dragged me up and set me upon the chair and landed a big punch to my already damaged face. It divided a section of my nose and I bent my head like a lifeless body. I had no voice to shout again, so I ended up crying inside myself.

‘So you sabi fight, you no kill all those bokoharam wey worry una?’ The guy said before landing me another disastrous slap on my ears. He closed one of my ear and landed a slap on the other which made the sound converge just at the center of my brain.

I only breathed in with great pains and released shouts that couldn’t go past the door. My head was bent towards backwards and sometimes would dangle towards my shoulder. I couldn’t clean the blood flowing through my face because my hands were chained backwards to the chair.

‘You fit fight now?’ The guy teased me

‘Oya come fight na’ He said before giving me a blow to the belle that sent a little bit of blood popping out my mouth.

I felt death so closely. I could feel the cold hands of death rubbing round my body. I could see the faces of all those of my comrades that were massacred in the battle against boko-haram. I could see the smiling and asking me to leave the world that was filled with pains and sorrows. They promised me a better living condition in a world which knew no war, hatred or killings. I could see them living freely and enjoying what I could call a perfect place to be.

**Tunji came closer and asked me to give him my hands, so that he could take me to a place where nobody would ever torment me again***

**”How is this place bro?” I asked Tunji

“I was always scared of coming here but believe me, here is wonderful without and form of pain” He spoke with so much smile and enthusiasm. I smiled with him and all he requested for was just for me to give him my hands for him to lead me. I quickly turned back to see who else was around, and behold I saw … ***

To Be Continued….

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