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Cyclone Lovers,
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Prom night was drawing closer and closer. Eagerness took center stage as the students of Liberty Academy could feel the sweet feeling of freedom a few days away. Some had good plans as boys are not wasting time in asking the girls of their choice to the prom. Some got YES and some got resounding NO, but some other people had other plans. Abigail knew that she was all alone she had few days to prepare for her biggest act of wickedness. Bade also was not different who had eloped from Kunle who was dumped by Susan couple of days before the SSCE exams started. Abigail sort the help of akuku once again and akuku obliged to only help Abigail with all she need to get the job done but said she would have to do it herself. Abigail was willing to take this risk as the obsession of Temmy’s end fillled her sense of reasoning. Kunle introduced Bade to a gang he knew of. They were dangerous people whose identity where only known to those who had heard about them. The nerve to stare in the face of death and never give in to weakness. Bade tendered is case and he was told that he himself had to prove that he was capable enough to do what he had asked the gang to do. He was given all he needed to get the job done. Bade’s hatred for Richard has grown past any hesitation that could have crossed his mind at that moment and he agreed to take up the task.

The venue for the prom night as it was the custom was always picked by the social prefects and this year, Bolton hotel was the venue where the glorious night would be hosted. About ten minutes after seven, the students started to arrive. Gorgeous clothing of inexplicable work of pure art were on display that night. Susan and Temmy arrived a little before 8 pm which was just in time for the party to begin. Susan went in but noticed that Temmy did not follow. ‘Tiara,  you okay?’  ‘yh I am, it just that today am winning the love of my life back.  Am waiting right here for Richard till he shows up.’ ‘Susan was so happy to hear those words come out from Temmy’s mouth. She was glad that Temmy finally admitted her love for Richard,she walked into the hall and later, she left. Temmy gazed upon a familiar sight that never stop to make her heart ache. She saw Richard and Chisom arriving at the venue but this time she swore that she was not going to give up that easy.

Jones Monique.
Jones Monique.

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As Chisom and Richard got to the door, Temmy approached them, ‘my love, please come back,  it’s been hell without you. We can let go of every and…’ Richard intercepted the episode of beauty and the beast. ‘shh shh,  I should be the one that’s sorry I would like us to be close friends again just like you always wanted.’ On hearing this Temmy’s heart dimmed as she was hoping Richard realized it was time for them to be more than just friends but put on a smile anyway. They both entered the hall with their arms interlocked into one another like couples headed for the black and white ball.  As they entered, both of them were applauded as they had both been said to be the couple of the year. Abigail and Bade gazed upon the couple with rage running through their veins which had an unparalleled desire to see nothing but sorrow on the faces of the happy couple. Temmy and Richard took their sit. As the program started, all that went through Temmy’s mind were the words of Richard which defined the relationship of the both of them as just Close friends. Temmy had bigger plans for the both of them and decided she was going to take up the task as it seems Richard’s brain was walking too slow.

‘Richard please I want to see you outside. Surprising as these words were, coming out of nowhere. Richard whispered, ‘why?’ ‘it’s very important please let’s go outside.’ Temmy and Richard   left the hall and went outside . Temmy made sure they went somewhere that was more secluded and afforded them some privacy. When temmy was about to begin, Richard asked her to hold on. He touched her lips and told her not to move. Richard rushed to the top most floor to make sure he got his breath and get his body in the right place. While he was rushing though the crowd, Bade was alerted by some of his followers and they all followed him up stirs. When Richard was still trying to get himself together, Bade and his entourage caught up to him.

They started walking closer, “so Richard you, you think you can just get me messed up in front of temmy and get away with it?” Bade said with an infuriated look on his face. Richard started taking steps back wards without looking. “Bade stop this, she doesn’t want you, can’t you get that?” Richard tried to get into his mind. “Yh right, if I will lose her, it won’t be without a fight. So you think it’s easy to see her with you?!” Bade’s voice was beginning to rise. He moved close in an attempt to hit Richard. Richard stepped back this again without looking And he tripped. As he tripped , Richard fell over the railings of third floor and fell to the ground. What was worse, he feel directly in front of temmy. With his blood all over the ground, temmy was in shock. She could not believe was she was looking at . she screamed. She moved closer to be sure of the face she thought had just dropped dead infront of her, as she turned the face, she screamed again. She shouted for poeple to come and help her. And her cries were heard.

Everyone started to rush down, Susan was first to go and call for matured Help. Temmy on her own was still trying to think of what had just happened, while her tears were almost half as much as the blood on the ground. “richy! Richy! Talk to me. Temmy’s voice was being made coarse by her crying” So many felt for her as everyone was in panic. Bade and is crew Joined everyone as if they had nothing to with it. Soon elders came and asked about what happened and the whole story was explain to the what of the knowledge of those who saw what happened and it was all deemed an accident. Without wasting time Richard’s Body was being  carried away and temmy was wiping uncontrollably. Susan am so many others held her so she won’t do anything drastic. Despite all, richy was dead


And so the lovers cause came to being. Love struggled to get by its obstacles and fight its cause of justice and in the end, she was ripped of her happy ending. Beating down by the whips of horos, her heart bled and her tears could be heard beyond the far cries of the heart. And so it was that these great lovers never shared their most priceless moment together.

It was never the same for temmy after that day. This time, it wasn’t an happy ending




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