MAY 29,1999
(Somewhere in Lagos a city in the western region of the federal republic of Nigeria, seated is the three inter-tribal jolly friends Oladele, Akpan and Aliu)

Akpan:Back we are again to civilian rule, only God knows what would happen next.

Oladele:I don’t think anything would happen again.

Akpan:(Sarcastically) Oh! you think so.

Oladele:Ofcourse I know so.

Aliu:(chuckles) Aboki, don’t be so sure.You think the military would likely not want to take power again?

Oladele:Ahn! Ahn! Have you forgotten the civilian president was once a general in the army? He would definitely know all their tricks and you can be sure he would checkmate them before they can start an uprising.

Akpan:(Unconvinced) Let’s just hope.

Oladele:Yes I believe the nation has had enough of the ruthlessness of the armed forces. It is high time they sit where they are supposed to.

Aliu:And where is that?

Akpan:(Together with Oladele) BARRACKS!

Aliu:Oh okay!

Oladele:They have seen to a lot of bloodshed in this country. A lot! Even the president today would have kissed the earth goodbye.

Akpan:(Laughs)[In pidgin] But God pass them. May God punish that man called Abacha.Punish him very well.

Aliu:(Retorting) kai! Ahn Ahn! You don’t speak ill of the dead Akpan, No matter what, we must keep praying for them.

Akpan:(Looks at Aliu) Pray for who? A man that killed so many people and you are saying I should pray for him. In short (pidgin) E no go better for am anywhere he dey.

Oladele:(Laughs aloud) Take it easy o Akpan.

Aliu:(Gently tapping Oladele)[In pidgin] Leave am Dele, leave am.E no dey hear word.

Akpan:(In pidgin) Ehn, make I no hear word, I say e no go better for am.

Oladele:Let me tell you something Akpan my friend, Every leader that have come and gone have just added his own authored chapter to the story book of this nation. It does not matter today how well this goes down with us or not but how well we learnt lessons from these stories is what makes all the difference.

Aliu:Yes! Very correct.

Oladele:The truth is that every nation has it’s own tale to tell. The breakaway confederate of the United states, The split up of the great Soviet union, The Hitler saga of the German republic. ..Just name it. Ours in Nigeria just happens to be one of them.

Akpan:(Sighs) I guess you are right.

Oladele:The best we can offer this nation and it’s leaders, past and present is prayer. Even those we do not know yet.

Akpan:(Quietly) Alright Dele

Aliu:(Smiling)[In pidgin] So you fit even hear word like this.

Oladele:Guess what I call them when talking to my children.







Akpan:(Together with Aliu) Then what?


Aliu:Heroes of what?

(The curtain falls)


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