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Episode 17

Temmy’s days were looking brighter as she has finally won Susan over to the good side. Susan however was indeed sorry for all she had done and even planned to do to Temmy. Susan asked Temmy about Richard whether or not both of them had things working out between them. Temmy was very plain and told Susan that things were not okay with them. Dark clouds of ignorance of what the other was thinking had kept them distant from each other. Susan seemed quite concerned with the fact that Temmy was not able to see through that little scam she had pulled with the help of Mayokun to ensure that Richard and Temmy never came to terms for a while. Susan explained everything that she and her crew had done, but that still could not explain Richard’s hesitation not to come and seek reconciliation with her. Temmy was so sure that the bond between her and Richard was strong enough to give him the courage to come back to her. Susan and Temmy spent the remaining days of their break reliving the days of their past that really brought memories of happiness that were inexplicable.

On few occasions, the pair were in tears as they remembered the passionate things they did together and were amazed at their inability to remember until they both came to reminiscence.

The short break was over and it was time for all the candidates for the SSCE to resume to the boarding house in other to have full concentration for their examination. Susan and Temmy decided to go to school at the same time as their new found friendship was one they didn’t want to break in a hurry. Temmy and Susan arrived in school together and were so excited that things were going to be different and they were going to be hard to separate now that they both got their acts together. On getting to the girls hostel, some of their mates that had arrived earlier saw the impossible inside the vehicle as it passed by them.

Susan and Temmy were laughing and giggling at each other,though their case seems impossible.Temmy and Susan got down from the car and carried each other’s luggage into their rooms.Students were free to pick any of the rooms made available to them. The world must be coming to an end was the thought of every person that saw how Susan and Temmy were both communicating in soft words and had entente cordiale . Abigail arrived later that evening and looked for Susan to ask how the last operation on Temmy had gone but Susan was nowhere to be found. It was evening and the students where headed to the dinning hall to have the evening meal. Abigail hurried herself to the hall hoping that Susan could be found there.
Abigail on getting to the hall beheld a sight that seemed entirely unfamiliar as she could not bring herself to Concur to the fact that what she saw before her eyes was really the actual fact. Temmy and Susan walking side by side with Susan’s hand across Temmy’s shoulders was really the view every one could bet a million dollars could never occurr but right before their very eyes, it was unfolding. Abigail quickly gave herself an excuse not to believe the truth about what she was seeing. ‘maybe Susan is trying a new strategy that will help us bring her down.’ After the evening meal, they all headed to the reading hall both boys and girls were allowed to study together as the exams drew near. Temmy and Susan once again walked together to the prep hall. It became unbearable as ifunnya decided to ask Temmy what happened. She called Temmy to the side and began to question her, ‘Temmy what is going on, have you not learnt that this girl does not mean well for you. Look dear friend, I don’t think am ready to see you fall because of your kind heart accommodates all kinds of human beast just because they seem harmless at the moment’.
Temmy smiled and just wished Ifunnaya had given her the opportunity to explain what was happening. ‘Ifunnaya, that Susan is gone and gone for good, this girl you’re seeing is my cousin: ifunnaya’s lip were wide apart like the north and south pole as she was amazed at the words her ear drums had just picked up. ‘you said what!’ ifunnaya’s exclamation was so loud that it caught the attention of people around. ‘calm down na ifunnaya. That’s the truth, we are cousins and she never realized until recently and am sure that explains all her terrible actions towards me.’ ifunnaya was short of words as she could not think in her wildest imagination that Temmy and Susan were cousins. It seamed so bizarre to even think of it.

Abigail approached Susan and asked her what was going on. She was so confused at the kind of entente cordaile that she and Temmy were beginning to have. ‘Abigail see leave Temmy alone. I think it’s time we just face our lives,as you can see everytime we do something bad to her, she comes out better than she was. Please leave my cousin alone.’ Abigail was confounded with surprise as to what she had just heard. ‘your what!’ Susan replied with a level of authority ‘yes! My cousin’. ‘so wait Suzy, you are going to back down from all we have planned because of that’ Susan wondered if an ora of madness had been bestowed on Abigail ‘excuse me, that is enough reason to stop anything I plan doing to her.

And Abigail let me warn you, if you take any step, just make one step up and give one reason to think you will hurt Temmy, I pray you will not be alive to see what will happen to you.’ Abigail was quite aware of how dangerous Susan could be when she gets nasty but was not ready to be the underdog. ‘is that a threat Susan?’ ‘Abby you are damn right, it is. I warn you again, stay the hell away from Temmy.’ Abigail was now very sure that Susan was gone and gone for good and this occurrence raised Abigail’s hatred for Temmy. Abigail was not about to relent and immediately went to see Bade. Bade told Abigail that he was still on his quest to make sure Richard got his wages for what he did to him at the mini market as ever since that day. Bade had lost respect in the sight of all those who were present at the scene. Abigail and Bade agreed to lay low till the exams were over.
Temmy was tired and her patience was already out of fuel. Richard had not come back to her to even ask how she was doing. This left her ravaged and she made sure she approached him the next time she saw him. The very first paper finally came, Biology was a general paper all the students were to take together. That morning while Temmy was about entering the hall, she noticed Richard and Chisom walking together. This was not a strange view to Temmy as she had been seeing them together ever since they all resumed for their exams. Day after day Temmy always saw Chisom and Richard together and she felt the affection Richard had for her dimming. On the day they were to all doing English, Temmy decided to report to the hall earlier. She decided to branch the class and drop her book before heading to the hall. She saw Mayokun from the window and knew she was up to something. Temmy acted casual but hurried so she would not miss Mayokun and was also smart enough not to be spotted. As Mayokun left the class, she entered and checked Richards bag because Mayokun dropped something in it. She saw a letter and picked it out. When she opened it and read, her heart was trapped in a universe of chaos and heart break. The letter was dressed by Chisom to Richard.

The letter expressed how Chisom was really in love with Richard and appreciate Richard for returning her feelings with much love and care. Temmy then realized that this must be the reason why Richard had refused to come back to her. The anguish of betrayal and heart break surged through Temmy’s mind as she went into the exam hall. After the paper she went to see Susan and told her all she had seen. Susan was surprised as she never knew such a new development could have matured between Chisom and Richard within a short period. After the paper, some students waited outside the hall to discuss about the exam while some just went to the class to pick their bags. Richard got to his bag and opened it. He found the letter and read, he was shocked at this. He looked for Chisom to ask about the letter. Chisom denied sending such a letter to him. Both of them eventually concluded that this must have been a scam.

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Ever since that day, Temmy gave up hope of ever having Richard again. She literally avoided him intentionally but her heart was yearning for him to just say hi. While the SSCE exam was still on, the school’s third term crept in. The days rolled by and soon the exams were over the ss3 students were starting to feel the relief of never having to do exams anymore. They were all to wait a week for them to be properly cleared and prepare for the year’s prom night as it was popularly called. During the clearance week a lot went down, many of the students made very good use of that free period as all the timid boys began to find courage from the thin air and met all the girls they have been keeping silent over their issue. Steven himself was not left out as he too had the courage to meet Temmy. He met Temmy in class after he had done his clearance with the librarian. ‘Hello Temmy do you mind if I sit next to you?’ ‘it’s alright’ Steven took a deep breath and then began. ‘Temmy, look I am still sorry about what happened that day, if I could take it back I would. But I read your profile in Chisom’s slum book and I was so angry at what I saw and before I realized the truth, you were already gone and you never even gave me a chance to redeem myself.’
Temmy was really taking note of the things he said and observed an element of sincerity in what he was saying but Temmy was just fed up. ‘look Steven please I thought you would have forgotten about that because I have forgiven you. It’s just that we can never get back together like old times’ this really smashed a hole right through Steven’s heart ‘is this because of Richard’. Temmy instantly felt a nervous sensation inside her as Steven mentioned his name. ‘yes Steven it’s because of Richard’. Steven smiled and said to Temmy ‘things are not as they seem Temmy, remember that’. Steven stood up and these words rang in her head throughout the whole day as she could not stop trying to decipher the message Steven had encrypted.

Abigail and Bade knew that this free period was the best time to discuss how they were going to successfully put a stop to Temmy and Richard once and for all. They both decided to separately plan how they were going to individually deal with their target and fixed their dates which was to be the prom night. Well well, I wonder if Abigail and Bade will finally succeed at their last shot at taking Temmy and Richard out or will Temmy once again escape the clutches of wickedness once again. Find out next time on cyclone lovers.

Penultimate episode guys
Story by Olasubomi Adebari.
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May 20, 2018

Script Adaptation by Sam Ruin.

May 20, 2018

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