(Succeeding the capture , execution of the coup plotters and annulment of the june 12 presidential election by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, power is unanimously transferred over to an interim government headed by Chief Ernest Shonekan but one day at the presidential villa…..)

November 1993
(Knock! Knock!)
Chief Shonekan:(To a guard nearby) Officer, go get the door.I think someone’s there.

Guard:(Moving sharply) Alright sir.
(He opens the door quietly and three men calmly walks in)

General Abacha:Good day your Excellency sir

Chief Shonekan:(Suprised) Good day General Abacha.you can have a seat.

General Abacha:(Sits down) Thank you sir.

Chief Shonekan:(slowly) What brings you to Abuja General?

Lt General Diya:(Adjusting his seat) Very important issues your Excellency sir.

Chief Shonekan:Oh really! and what are they if I may ask?

General Abacha:(With a stern look) It has been placed as a must do for you to publicly resign from being the head of the interim government and I would also like to add that this is in your own interest.

Chief Shonekan:But why?

Lt General Gusau:The armed forces have come to believe and decide that your administration is rather incapable of maintaining order in the federal republic and to this have requested for your unconditional resignation.

Chief Shonekan:(Sighs and bends his head low) I have always known it will one day come to this.

General Abacha:(Boldly) It is a necessity your Excellency sir.

Chief Shonekan:(Raising his head after a while) But officers, you would at least give me the liberty of publicly announcing my resignation.

General Abacha:That’s no problem your Excellency sir.

Chief Shonekan:(Getting up) Thank you.

General Abacha:(Ushers him) This way sir.
(All men walk slowly to the door with Chief Shonekan leading the way)

Chief Shonekan:(Chuckles as he looks up and sees an army of fierce looking soldiers) INTERESTING.

General Abacha:(Radio broadcast) Fellow Nigerians, sequel to the resignation of the former head of interim national government and commander in chief of the armed forces, Chief Ernest Shonekan and my subsequent appointment as the head of state………

Oladele:Nigeria again is back to military rule after just how many months.

Akpan:(Chuckles) They play the affairs of the nation just like ping pong, Little thing, they take over power.

Oladele:But why on earth did the head of interim government resign? All this is all his fault.These ones seized power now to fill up the void created by his resignation.

Akpan:(Waving) Don’t blame the man o Dele.I think his resignation was as a result of political pressure caused by that Babangida.

General Abacha:(Radio broadcast) The problems must be addressed firmly, objectively, decisively and with all sincerity of purpose. Consequently, the following decisions come into immediate effect. The interim national government is hereby dissolved, The national and state assemblies is also dissolved.

Aliu:(In hausa ascent) It has become a tradition for any military government to completely dissolve all civilia……

Oladele:(Interrupts Aliu) The military is no friend of the civilian I believe.

General Abacha:(Radio broadcast) The two political parties are hereby dissolved, All processions, political meetings and associations of any type in any part of the country are hereby banned, Any consultative committee by whatever name is hereby proscribed, Decree 61 of 1993 is hereby abrogated. ….

Oladele:(Suprised) What manner of a person is this? He abrogated the same decree that he used to get into power?

Akpan:It is much more suprising than you could ever imagine.

Aliu:Walaitalai, Let us just hope, pray and see what the dawn of the future under this administration brings.

General Abacha:(Radio broadcast) Fellow Nigerians, the events of the past months starting from the annulment of the june 12 presidential election culminating in the appointment of the former Head of state Chief Ernest Shonekan who unfortunately resigned yesterday are well known to you……

Oladele:(Sarcastically) Very well.

Akpan:Anyway, we hope this regime gives us a well deserved relief to all the problems the nation have been facing.

Aliu; We hope so.

General Abacha:(Radio broadcast)This government is a child of necessity with a strong determination to restore peace and stability to our country. Give us the chance to solve our problems in our own way.LONG LIVE THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.

(Country music succeeds the radio broadcast as the curtain falls)

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