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Cyclone Lovers,
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Episode 14


Richard left and was headed for his house.  All day he could not help but think about the silly mistake he had just made and kept biting himself hard for it.  He thought of going to apologize but knew that might just be a bad move for now so he decided to wait for a while for the issue to die down in her mind.

The next day at school, when Temmy arrived in class she was approached by Mayokun one of the beautiful girls in class (so we thought). Mayokun asked Temmy to please find sometime to teach her a particular topic in Economics. Mayokun quickly noticed that Temmy’s countenance was not so good, she decided  to ask . Temmy just told Mayokun not to worry about it,  but Mayokun insisted that she would be more than happy to assist. Temmy then did not have a choice,  she illustrated what happened to Mayokun but was careful to hid some personal data. ‘wow that really happened? Boys ehn’, Temmy was already sad about the whole issue. ‘ I just wish he would come back and apologize,  I miss him already.’ ‘Temmy, you will take him back?’ Mayokun asked. ‘off course, he just made a mistake and am sure his sorry about it’. Mayokun was surprised to see this level of forgiveness displayed by a girl. ‘well Temmy, we would see during break so you can teach me. And by the way I heard you wanted to fill economics in your jamb form. Why and which school did you pick?. ‘ Well,  I just like economics and I picked FUNAAB. ‘ hmm, that’s weird but also cool’.  Mayokun went straight to the library to meet up with the rest of the gang. ‘so what did you find out?’ Susan asked with so much curiosity. ‘ Well,  something bad happened between them yesterday.’ Mayokun narrated the info she got from Temmy and told them what her next move was. ‘ Am going to talk to Richard to see if I can prison his mind. Abigail commended Mayokun’s  initiative.

After the closing bell,  Richard was prepared to try his luck with Temmy to see if he could be forgiven.  He got out of his class and was headed to Temmy’s class when he was called by Mayokun. Richard turn and decided to Honor the call. He was hoping it could be brief so he could get back to what he considered important. When he got to Mayokun, ‘ Richard,I hope you are not going to meet Temmy cos she’s really mad at you. She was disappointed you did exactly what you told Bade not to do. ‘ Richard was surprised at the detailed info Mayokun was pouring out.’ How did you know? ‘ I spoke to her this morning when I wanted to ask her to teach me something in economics.’  Richard knew this could not have been a prank as he thought Mayokun was one of the good girl. ‘May, (May as she was popularly called) what do you think I should do.’ Richard just stay put for now and let this case die down a little in her’  ‘hmm yh maybe I will do just that,  thanks may’  ‘don’t mention I will try and talk to her for you and don’t approach her until I tell you the coast is clear’


Jones Monique.
Jones Monique.

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A week past and Richard and Temmy had not spoken.  Richard thought he was doing the right thing by being patient but according to Temmy,  Richard was  being proud and didn’t want to apologize.  Mayokun came into the class and found Temmy really sad. ‘Hey girl was up, why so gloomy’  ‘Mayokun do you realize that this boy has refused to even call to say he is sorry’  ‘babe you should know boys and how proud they can be jere’  Temmy took cognisance of what Mayokun said. ‘ or maybe I should just call him.’  ‘ listen girl,  boys don’t learn their lessons that way.  You can’t make yourself cheap to him.  Temmy was not entirely sure about the truthfulness in what May just said because  she sounded just like Susan but still thought she had her best interest at heart. Weeks passed and soon the mock examinations where around and the preparations were intense.  It was the last examinations the ss3 students will do before they face all their external examination. The papers flew by one after the other and Richard and Temmy drew farther apart with every passing day and the heart of this separation was Mayokun, who played her game so well,  Richard and Temmy never crossed paths for any good reason. The examinations eventually came to an end and after two weeks of play!play!! play!!! the final day of the school term was now upon the students.  The final day came and as usual the bell went for the closing bell and Mayokun was walking down to the school hall but she could not believe what she overheard Abigail and Susan saying in class.  ‘ ha,  May,this is bad oo. I don’t think I can go along with this oo. I mean it’s okay for me to separate Temmy and Richard but this that they are planning is not good at all.’ this thoughts were flowing through Mayokun’s mind and she wanted to help Temmy out but knew that any attempt to double cross Susan and Abigail could be lethal. As Mayokun entered the hall she saw Temmy and her heart skipped a beat as right and wrong began to war inside her. She hoped that Temmy was going to be alright and started to regret her actions. The principal came into the hall and announced the results,  in Temmy’s class,  Steve was first as usual and followed by Temmy then Jamiu. This result was of no concern to Abigail and Susan as they believed the external examinations where most important.  After the closing assembly,  all the students made their way home and the second term was over.  The ss3 were given a week and four days to return to the hostel to begin their Waec examinations.

When Susan got home,  her mother was so happy to see her. ‘Susan my daughter how are you and how was your result’ ‘mum I was fourth jare’ ‘ orrrrr don’t worry  you know your Waec and Jamb are most important.’  Oh and least I forget, your uncle died. Susan’s mom was not smiling as she broke the news to Susan. ‘eya mummy is that your brother that you have not seen in years’ Susan’s mum really felt the sting of what Susan had said.  ‘ yes his the one’  ‘ hmm mum your maiden name is Ajayi right?’ ‘yes,  that’s my maiden name. Don’t tell me you have forgotten it ‘ Susan smiled’  forgotten kee,  lately in my school Ajayi is hard to forget. ‘ Susan went to her room and thought in her mind. ‘ how I wish it was that stupid girl’s father that died, I would have been so happy. ‘ Susan went to take a nice nap to rest out the stress for the day. Hmm trust me if you are reading this, you don’t even try to guess what is going to happen next. See you next time on cyclone lovers


Story by Olasubomi Adebari (funaab)

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