Poetry Corner: Asikomi ti de (My time is now).

Poetry Corner.


Winsala Muses,

Asikomi ti de (My time is now).

Just when I was about giving up,
When life billows tempest tossed me,
When I presumed the galaxy of celestial be empty,
When I felt my star refused to shine.

Then I heard the sonorous voices of the cherubim and seraphim,
Emanating with compelling conflagration,
Telling me in psalms and hymns that the pendulum rings my time,
That my years of my captivity has been returned.

What a wonderful day,
The day I will never forget,
The day the earth’s heliocentric nature became geocentric,
The day the sun rose in the west and set in the east,
The day of my announcement.

My time is now,
My time to bring forth light and shine,
Let the heavens and the earth bear witness,
It’s my time to soar.

I’ve got a melody in my heart,
It’s my time to celebrate,
I’ve been emancipated from internal slavery,
I am a shooting star,
“Asikomi ti de” (my time is now).

©Winsala Gbotemi. 2016.

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Photo of the Day: Bukunmi Oluwashina.

May 5, 2018


May 5, 2018

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