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cyclone lovers
Cyclone Lovers,
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Episode 13

Richard took gentle steps towards temmy and Bade. Temmy was full of fear because she was afraid of what Richard would do after knowing had happened. Richard got to the front of temmy and looked down on her with so much rage in his eyes. Richard raised his hand and temmy became worried if Richard was really going to raise his hand against her. Richard’s hand went straight into bade’s face and Bade fell to the ground. ‘Bade, hear me clearly, don’t you ever come near this girl ever again, you got that?’ temmy quickly rushed to hold Richard from doing anymore damage and as she folded her arms round his stomach, Richard’s nerves were calm. Richard then turned to chisom and told her that temmy did not kiss Bade but rather Bade made the move on her.

Chisom felt so disgusted at bade’s inability to control his own body and saw more sense in the advise given to her by temmy. The three of them left the the frontage of the mini market where Bade was still On the floor holding his face. Bade became so angry at himself as he knew any chance to get temmy was already gone.

Abigail on her way home, took the back of the chemistry lab down to the school gate. On her way she saw Richard and temmy coming from the mini market and most surprising she saw chisom with them which made her angry. She thought, that the reason why chisom did not join her vanity project was because temmy had brought chisom over to her side.

Abigail knew that she was losing the war and the combination of both herself and Susan was not enough to take her down. This was no longer a battle to see who gets Steven, this was now a personal battle between Susan with Abigail against temmy and luckily, temmy had chisom to drag along. At least that’s was for the girls. Bade on the other hand was making his way to the boys hostel when he saw Abigail. Abigail wondered why his face was down and she walked up to him. ‘ Bade how far na. Wetin do you’ Bade managed to take a look at who was speaking. ‘Oh Abby na you. Bae na that oloriburuku mashanfani Bobo called Richard’ Bade replied ‘Oh that one, wetin he do’ Abigail asked ‘ the idiot punched me ni o’ Abigail was surprised at this moment ‘shuu, on top wetin’ ‘ na small kiss I kiss temmy oo’ Bade said gently. Abigail burst into laughter ‘ so na just kiss you kiss temmy na why he con dey do like person wey smoke igbo’ Bade then put on a serious face, ‘asin the thing wey I go do that guy, swear down him mama go cry for am’. Abigail was enjoying where this was going and proposed plan to Bade and asked him to join her vanity project.

Bade was so much interested due to the motive of the group. Bade asked to bring Kunle along and Abigail told him not to worry as his girlfriend Susan was thinking of adding him. Soon after the entire team ‘put temmy and Richard asunder” was complete and the war was ready to begin and the first item on the agenda was to cause a misunderstanding between temmy and Richard.

Richard and temmy went to temmy place after school, temmy ‘s mum was not home as she had gone out to make some shopping for dinner.

As they both got home, Richard threw his school bag into the couch and sat rather angrily for a young man. Temmy was worried so she sat close and asked what was happening to him. ‘richy what happened, don’t tell me it’s what happened to me that is making you this angry. Please it’s over’ temmy was so happy that someone stood up to that Bade of a guy and taught him a lesson of his life. She was so proud it was Richard but she wasn’t ready to show it. ‘ he kissed you’ temmy was surprised at what he just said. ‘so? Is that enough reason for you to be sad?’ ‘ that was your first kiss right?’ temmy smiled at him and answered ‘NO’ Richard was surprised and a little sad and rolled in the next question. ‘ so you have kissed a boy before?’ temmy kept smiling and replied again ‘no’.

Richard became confused at what temmy just said. ‘ Richard me I have not kissed a boy before and you ur self said it Bade kissed me and to be honest that guy is a terrible kisser’ this put a little smile on Richards face as temmy asked him to excuse her so she could get the both of them something to eat. As she stood up, Richard looked at her all the way and wondered why he has not had to courage to ask her out yet. Temmy came back with a plate of fried plantain her hand and dropped it on the table. She sat very close to Richard and took one of the plantain slices and put in Richard’s mouth. Afterwards she placed her head on Richards shoulder and thanked him for trusting her over chisom’s words. Richard wondered where all this sudden clinging was coming from and was convicted it was because temmy felt a deep affection for him but temmy just saw it as a normal thing. Richard had other ideas though and played his card well. He then proceeded to taking his own slice and fed temmy.

Temmy received It with a very warm smile. The two of them laughed at what they were doing as Richard referred to it as child’s play . Richard knew this was a perfect opportunity to ask temmy out but the courage to was not forth coming as he was afraid temmy would say no. (how shallow a guy can be). Temmy wondered in her mind ‘Oh my God, why is this guy taking so long. Even with this situation. Shebi he will just ask and I will say yes.

Ha oga oo’. After 6 minutes and nothing was done, temmy concluded that Richard was not the kind of guy that wanted her as his girlfriend and zeroed her mind about it and decided to just continue with their friendship as she thought to her self that it would be wise to keep their friendship rather than force her way (mumu people). Richard still felt that temmy did not just Do all she did for doing sake and soon after both of them were already feeling the breeze of love blow towards them.

Jones Monique.
Jones Monique.

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Richard turned temmy’s head towards his and looked at her with a stare that only said few words. Temmy was so happy and she thought this was finally it, Richard was going to ask the big question but to temmy’s greatest surprise and disappointed Richard kissed her instead. Temmy was so infuriated and pushed Richard away ‘richy why?! I thought you were different from that Bade guy.

You know I hate it when you do that kind of a thing without my concent. Temmy asked Richard to leave politely as she knew if she tried to say anything funny, she could be out of the house the next day. ‘Richard please leave you have really disappointed me’. Richard left like a gentle man but apologized to temmy for what he did. Richard bit himself for that silly mistake he made. will this mistake be the end of temmy and Richard? Or has Susan and Abigail’s wish just been granted? Find out next time on cyclone lovers.

Story by Olasubomi Adebari.
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