April 1990
(Somewhere in Lagos, a city in the western region of the federal republic of Nigeria)
Major Orkar:(Radio broadcast) Fellow Nigerian citizens, on behalf of the patriotic and well meaning people of the middle belt and the southern part of the country, I Major Gidein Orkar wush to happily inform you of the successful ousting of……

Akpan:(Calls out in an igbo ascent) DELE!

Oladele:(In pidgin) Wetin happen?

Akpan:Come, Come, Come and listen to what I am hearing o

Oladele:(Moving into the room and pays attention to the radio broadcast) What’s that?

Major Orkah:(Radio broadcast)…unpatriotic administration of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.we have equally commenced their trials for unabated corruption.

Oladele:Ah! It’s a great day for Nigeria o.I’m glad this regime has finally met it’s end.

Akpan:As in, I can’t even imagine him being head of state again.

Major Orkah:(Radio broadcast) The national guard already in it’s formative stage is disbanded with immediate effect.Decrees number 2 and 46 are hereby abrogated.We wish to emphasize that this is not just another coup but a well conceived, planned and executed revolution for the marginalized, oppressed and enslaved people of the middle belt and the south with a view of freeing ourselves and our children yet unborn from internal slavery……

Akpan:But in this we are hearing o, I don’t think they killed Babangida.I can’t hear anything of sort.

Oladele:That’s what is suprising me, I don’t believe the head of state would unanimously hand over power to them.

Akpan:(Pointing) That man?

Major Orkar:(Radio broadcast) They have almost succeeded in subjugating the middle belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south.

Oladele:(Exclamation) YES.Nigeria has suffered under the administration of this man.Look at Dele giwa’s issue, it is clear that he knows something about the murder of that man.

Akpan:Before nko? In this country of ours? infact “something” is an understatement “EVERYTHING”.The man is even using the security service to his own gain.

Oladele:(Chuckles) In the history of this country, he is the first person to take charge of the ministry of defence. Head of state! defence!

Akpan:You know the man’s so desire?

Oladele:(Looking at Akpan) What?

Akpan:DOMINATION! The man wants to be head of state for the rest of his life.That’s exactly what he wants to do.

Oladele:Well, we are happy that his scheming plan has been destroyed or…..

Akpan:(Interrupts) Don’t let us begin rejoicing yet o, not until we are sure Babangida was arrested ot maybe killed, I don’t think this coup is successful.

Aliu:(Barges in)[In pidgin] kei Aboki, everywhere don scatter o.

Oladele:(Scared) What happened?

AliuIt’s the army people.They are all around everywhere.I am beginning to think it’s maybe another coup.

Akpan:Definitely. that’s what’s being announced over the radio.


Oladele:(Cuts in) Wait wait, let’s hear what he is saying.

Major Orkar:(Radio broadcast)…We are extremely determined to recover all ill gotten wealth back to public treasury for the use of the masses of our own people.You are all advised to remain calm as there is no cause for alarm.We are fully in control of the situation as directed by God.All airports, seaports and borders are closed forthwith.

Oladele:But forget it, these people are justified even mindful of their ruthless attempt.This country is languishing behind bars built by itself.

Akpan:Very well said Dele, I am personally becoming wary of these hausa people.

Aliu:(Slightly exasperated) What do you mean?

Akpan:(Looking at Aliu) What is “what do you mean”.It is glary before all that chaos in this country is caused by these hausa head of states.

Aliu:And the present unrest is caused by who?

Akpan:It’s as a result of………

Oladele:(Cuts in) Can you people kindly calm this until we listen yo the announcement in full? (In yoruba) Abi kilode?

Major Orkar:(Radio broadcast) All radio stations are hereby advised to hook on permanently to the national network programme until further notice. Long live all true patriots of this great country of ours.May God and Allah through his bountiful mercies bless us all.

Oladele:(Slowly in pidgin) Una fit start now o.

Akpan:Well, let us just keep our fingers crossed until the next announcement. I strongly believe if Babangida is still at large, this coup is a failed one.

Aliu:(Sitting down) No one to ascertain that for now.

Akpan:(Retorting) That is why I said let us keep our fingers crossed or don’t you understand simple english?

Aliu:I am extremely tired of this igbo boy.what is his problem sef?

Oladele:(stands up)[In pidgin] Una get problem.
(Arguments ensues between the duo as Oladele walks away and the curtain falls)

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