Cyclone Lovers.


cyclone lovers
Cyclone Lovers,
Winsala Muses.

Episode 12


Temmy and Steven walked all the way to the mini market behind the chemistry lab and all the way,  temmy did not say a word.  When they both got there,  temmy  got herself a drink and also got Steven his own drink. ‘yes Steven what we’re you saying in class’  Steven felt somehow as he wondered if she was even listening to all he was saying in class. ‘ hm.. Temmy I wanted to apologize for what happened the last time you came over. Am really sorry,  I don’t know what came over me.’ Temmy look Steven in the face. ‘ you are out of your mind. Steven you’ ve got some balls you know. You still have the guts to talk to me about what happened the lasting a came to your house! Oh and if you don’t know what came over you let me tell you. You foolishness that’s what came over you. You are brilliant but you’ve got no intelligence what so ever’ temmy’s voice was already raising the roof and drawing attention little by little. ‘Oh just so you know, my father is dead’ tears started flowing down temmy’s cheeks. ‘ he died because I came to visit you and did not get back In time to give him his medicine. Steven was surprised and very sad to hear what temmy just said.’ ‘ temmy am so sorry I don’t know ”  ‘please shut up! and we are just friends and nothing more I don’t want to here anything about this again.  Temmy walked out of Steven’s sight and everyone around watched this lovely drama unfold.

Temmy walked back to the class to wait for Richard as they both agreed to this morning. Abigail was not so happy that the little dangerous plan she had carried out was not enough to get her off Steven’s mind and looked to try again. This time Abigail used every available resource she had. She called chisom and asked if she was interested in bringing temmy down but chisom refused to join this vanity project as she considered it  . Chisom’s conscience was definitely intact because she knew making temmy a laughing stock would give her the opportunity to get Bade for good. Chisom didn’t know why, she had  compassion for temmy but she could not explain it. Chisom was still filled with her little problem of how she could get Bade from temmy and came up with a very bold but likely impossible solution. Chisom decided to face the obstacle that stood between her and Bade.

‘Temmy please can we talk’  chisom said with a rather soft and appealing voice. ‘shouldn’t you be at the dinning hall?’  ‘ yeah I should but I have to talk to you’  temmy started to wander what this was about ‘ first of all temmy,  you are not safe.  Susan Abigail  and some other girls are planning seriously to do something bad to you.’  temmy laughed ridiculously ‘ my God! Wow am honored those jobless nobodies would hold a conference all for my sake. it’s good to know am even popular to those that don’t matter to Humanity.’ chisom could only admire temmy’s confidence but knew it was only because she did not know what was coming. ‘ that’s just one thing temmy,  the other things is that, I love Bade but you are always in his head and it doesn’t give me a chance to even have a nice time with him.  Temmy thought hard about this because she knew there was a whole lot of truth in what she just said. Temmy thought of a way to help,  then she began to counsel her. ‘look chisom,  we are pretty girls and we are definitely queens.  You can’t not allow your emotions be dictated by that kind of a guy called Bade.  If you keep your head high,  the right guy will get attracted to you.  Temmy told chisom about her relationship with Richard and how she and Richard were getting along. Chisom was very envious of how a girl could take such control her life so much.  ‘chisom dear please take my advice,  forget that guy.  Someone that is not even paying attention to you and you are been trying since 1st term.  I think you should just let him go. Remember what the white man says, you don’t know the value of something until you lose it’ chisom felt the relief as she knew that temmy had just giving her the solution to her problem.  ‘wow temmy I think that’s just what I will do,  that should really work.  Temmy and chisom started their friendship in that very little way and both smiled together as chisom left for the dinning hall.

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Jones Monique.

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After the school’ ‘s closing bell,  Richard asked temmy to please wait for him because he had to see Mr. Alao the chemistry teacher before he could go home. Has temmy was waiting, she decided to go to the mini market to get something down her stomach. As temmy got to the place,  she saw babe and wondered why the dude was not in the dinning hall.  She greeted him politely and Bade responded in the same vain.  Bade then got talking with temmy,  and she entertained his conversation due to her own way of life.  Richard spotted temmy from the chemistry lab and knew she was talking to someone but had no idea who it was as he could only see temmy from his angle at the chemistry lad. Richard decided to go and see temmy and probably have a bite of what she was eating.  Temmy and Bade’s discussion was really interesting as it got temmy laughing out loud.  Temmy told Bade to excuse her that’s she wanted to throw the paper rapper in her hand in the waste bin.  Bade took a quick pick around and noticed absolutely no one was looking at them.  Just has temmy got back, Bade kissed temmy unexpectedly and immediately that happened,  chisom walked in. She had left the dinning hall early because of the relief temmy’s advise gave her but at this point,  she was down in the pain of disappointment. ‘so temmy this is why you said I should forget about Bade,  so you could have him for yourself?’  ‘ no chisom it’s not like that’  temmy turned to Bade and was filled with rage and disgust. as the little sorting out was going on,  Richard also walked in.  Chisom wasted know time in telling Richard what both of them had done.  Richard on hearing this was already angry and wondered what he was going to do as he took gentle steps towards Bade and temmy. At this moment,  even the atmosphere could perceive that all hell was about to let lose.  Even I wonder what will happen  next. Find out next time on cyclone lovers.


Story by Olasubomi Adebari(FUNAAB)

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