(Governance of the federal republic of Nigeria is successfully transferred back to civilian rule in 1979 but in an unnamed military barrack)
May 1983

M.General Buhari:(walking slowly with gaze fixed to the ground) So Ibrahim, what’s the present situation of the chad basin?

Brigadier Bako:(walking with both hands behind) Sir I have information that the units of the third armoured division chased chadian units some 45km into chad.

M.General Buhari:Yes that was according to my instruction, The president, Shagari although was against that but I don’t recieve orders from a bloody civilian.

Brigadier Bako:That’s how it ought to be sir.They are completely oblivious of what it takes to be called military.

M.General Buhari:Yes you are very right Ibrahim, I don’t know what he knows, he had orders circulating the military avoiding the breach of the chadian borders.

Brigadier Bako:Maybe he has got a hidden agenda of his own.

M.General Buhari:I bet he has. he’s re-election again is not so fair as it may seem.I can smell deciet in the whole electioning process.

Brigadier Bako:I agree with you sir, every corner of the election stinks of electoral malpractice.

M.General Buhari:(slowing down his pace) That’s typical of the average civilian, corruption and malpractice is in their blood.

Brigadier Bako:(slightly amused) It’s terrible sir.

M.General Buhari:Anyway, I can bet the civilian democratic government would not last an extra one year because as I speak to you, plans are currently ongoing in taking over power from tge civilian.

Brigadier Bako:Don’t you think that would be too early sir? the whole world is beginning to give the military a check, a bad check that has termed us “coup plotters”

M.General Buhari:(Halts) And who cares about that?

Brigadier Bako:(looking at his feet) I’m sorry sir.

M.General Buhari:(Resumes walking again) Look Ibrahim, the civilians do not really have what it takes to be leaders in this present age of now.They lack the abiliry of good decision making, they……infact, all thry are bothered about is the accumulation of wealth in their pockets.

Brigadier Bako:You are right sir but……

M.General Buhari:(Slowly) Listen Ibrahim.

Brigadier Bako:Yes sir.

M.General Buhari:It is the duty of the armed forces to maintain law and order in any nation, even though we are not politicians it remains a sacred duty of ours to take over power from any corrupt civilian to prevent imminent collapse of tge federal republic.

Brigadier Bako:Yes sir

M.General Buhari:Or am I wrong?

Brigadier Bako:At all sir.

M.General Buhari:(chuckles) Don’t worry, I’d get across to you if your services would be needed okay?

Brigadier Bako:Yes sir.

M.General Buhari:you can go
(Brigadier Bako walks faster and further away from Major General Buhari)
(soliloquy) Ibrahim, he feels it’s another stream of bloodshed looming ahead.he…. (He is startled by the approach of Brigadier Saani Abacha)

Brigadier Abacha:(Salutes) General Buhari sir!

M.General Buhari:(Halts) Brigadier Saani, I didn’t even notice you at first.

Brigadier Abacha:I sighted you from a distance sir.

M.General Buhari:So how are you?

Brigadier Abacha:Very well general.

M.General Buhari:So have you got words for me from Abiola?

Brigadier Abacha:Yes sir, he said that he’s very willing to financially sponsor the coup plot.I am thinking he may be willing to contest as a candidate when next a democratic election may be organized.

M.General Buhari:Well, that’s for us to decide.

Brigadier Abacha:Yes sir.

M.General Buhari:But you see saani, I would not want bloodshed to be involved in this scheme.No bloodshed at all do you understand that?

Brigadier Abacha:Yes sir.

M.General Buhari:We have tasked colonel Ogbeha with the duty of negotiating a peaceful surrender of the army unit guarding the president.

Brigadier Abacha:Yes sir, I think I heard of that from General Babangida.

M.General Buhari:Yes it was a mutual decision. we would likely give the duty of arresting the president to Brigadier Ibrahim.

Brigadier Abacha:Has he been informed General?

M.General Buhari:No not yet, he just left this place some few minutes ago, just before I saw you comming.

Brigadier Abacha:Alright sir.

M.General Buhari:I should speak to Brigadier Tunde before the day runs out.

Brigadier Abacha:Alright sir.

M.General Buhari:And in case you come across Major Dasuki, tell him to urgently see me in my quaters.

Brigadier Abacha:(Salutes) Alright sir.

M.General Buhari:I need to get somewhere now, would speak again with you sometime later.

Brigadier Abacha:Alright sir. No problem sir
(Both men part ways as the curtain closes)

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