Life of Thomas da Silva.

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Life of Thomas da Silva.
Winsala Muses,
Life of Thomas da Silva.

Episode 4 (Land of Make Believe)

Countless of times, I’ve often heard that anything can happen, that anything can be, only in the land of make believe. But what I could not apparently phantom is the fact that the land of make believe can actually transcend into land of reality via the metaphysical power of fate and believe.

I have always been a hustler, so I don’t have any regrets in the choices and decisions I’ve made so far in my life. Adelaide was so much in love with me and the best thing I could do as a go-getter was to seize the opening and use her as a ladder, so that I may climb unto success. Not that I am not a believer in true love, but my chapter with Olabisi had to be closed, so that a new one might be opened with Adelaide.

Olabisi represented who I used to be, please do not judge me, for you all cannot understand, because you all weren’t in my shoes. I was in desperate times that required desperate measures. And if I wanted to break free from the clutches of poverty into the marvelous light of opulence, all I needed to do was too free myself of some weight I carried. By developing love for no one else but for myself and pocket.

I needed to break chains, to bring rains, to fight poverty. There is a saying in Yoruba that says three generations cannot be poor, or should not experience poverty. So I knew like the palm of my hands and without a shadow of doubt that I owed my next generation the courtesy of not been poor. Every situation we find ourselves in life would always require a decision to be made, and as for me at that particular moment in time, my decision was to only care for/about myself alone. And to do my possible best to always transcend my land of make believe into a land of reality, through my thoughts, deeds, and actions.

Speaking of thoughts, deeds, and actions, the first step I took in reaching for the height of supernumerary gargantuan greatness was to cause a permanent separation between David and his wife, the second step I took was to break up with Olabisi. Days before I finally decided break up with Olabisi, I had stopped calling nor texting her. Whenever she called I refused to answer and whenever she texted I refused to reply, simply because the thoughts were already playing in my mind but there was no opening for me yet. My opening came when Adelaide herself brought about the idea of erasing every memory I had about Olabisi, in other to be able to embrace the glorious future the both of us might have together.

I decided not to seize part of that opportunity, but to seize all to myself. David and Olabisi did not offend me, on the contrary, I consider them to be part and parcel of my destiny helpers, but the task handed over to them to perform in my life by the Invulnerable Being was over, and they had to leave. This was almost the same thing I told Olabisi when I broke up with her over the phone

She was very happy to hear my voice over the phone that very day, in an apologetic voice she begged me to forgive her, if she had done anything to offend me. I developed guilt conscience upon hearing her voice, but I stayed true to the task. She didn’t offer a word, after breaking words with her. I thought she would take the news unlikely with me, curse me or something. But that was the last time I spoke to Olabisi. The last I heard about her, is that she is married and blessed with two kids, as a second wife to a very rich and powerful politician in Nigeria. Olabisi if you get to read this story, I want to beg for your forgiveness, and hope you can exculpate me.

David on the other hand, till today has not gotten over Adelaide. And he hates me with passion. When I got to work on the day Adelaide sent David out of the house, David came to my office to inquire whether or not I talked to his wife on his behalf. I told him the truth to his face that I heard an affair with his wife, and had started a relationship with her already, that was why she thought it wise to divorce him. Upon hearing the word divorce, David became very violent, we fought inside my office, door locked, but I was able to overpower him. I made him sit on a cushion chair, which was inside my office and I also gave him water to drink after the wrestle.

Of course, he wanted to know what he did wrong or if I was sent by his political opponent, because David wanted to run for office at that time, but his candidature was declined by his political party, because of his divorce saga. I told him the absolute truth, which is the fact that he didn’t offend me, but his actions prompted his wife to think of divorcing him. I told him that the past two days I had spent in his house, I was able to deduce that, he had no time for his wife, and he was always busy.

I told him that after sleeping his wife twice, I was able to surmise that his wife was starved of sex. And his mistakes were my opportunity and I wouldn’t be sorry for maximizing a golden opportunity that showcased itself on its own accord. When he asked me, if I loved his wife, I told him I would learn to do so. This further infuriated him the more, he slapped me, promised me he would get his wife back, and stepped out of my office in vehement animosity.

Days went by, weeks went by, months went by, but one thing that didn’t go by was Adelaide’s supposed fight for freedom and David’s fight for love. When the issue got intense, and both parties couldn’t settle out of court, they both had to visit the tribunal. Finally, David took heed to his team of lawyer’s counsel, to forget about love and fight for half of Adelaide’s inheritance which she wasn’t ready to give up.

The entire story was all over the news. Some blown out of right proportion, but this was a phase of life Adelaide was ready and prepared to face in other to prove her love for me. Newspapers like the London Evening Standard, The Independent, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph all stood on Adelaide’s neck, so she could grant them exclusive interviews. Television stations and radio houses like Venus TV, Hellenic TV, Nepali TV, Capital London, Heart London, Absolute radio, amongst others were not left out.

David’s quest for half Adelaide’s inheritance came to an imperative halt when she was able to produce evidences of David’s infidelity. Adelaide once hired a private investigator to monitor David when she suspected her husband was cheating on her. Her premonitions ended up being true, and when she confronted David at that time, he owned up and admitted his mistakes. He begged for her forgiveness, Adelaide forgave him and they continued with their marriage, but she still kept photos, tape records, and video clips, of his infidelity, should in case he ever failed to keep to his word.


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David kept to his word and remained faithful to Adelaide. I got to know about the whole story, over a wonderful sexual intercourse with Adelaide When she told me the story I was very pleased with her. Because that was enough reason for her to divorce David without him having to have a share in her inheritance, based on their marriage contract. So I taught her what to do.

On the day of the final hearing, Adelaide’s counsel came up with a joker that disrupted the strategies of David’s legal team, when they produced evidences that David was an infidel. A private investigator was hired again to monitor David and the upshot was that David went back to the same woman, he once had an affair with. The icing on the cake was when Adelaide’s counsel painted David to be a man who married Adelaide not because of love, but because she is rich. Her counsel painted David in front of the judge to be a gold digger, who got tired of her and decided to constantly seek comfort in the arms of the woman he truly loves. He confirmed his actions by taking solace in the arms of the same woman while he had a pending divorce case in the court.

The last minute knockout punch given to David’s legal team by Adelaide’s counsel was a very devastating one. I sat in the courtroom as I watched from a distance, David heave a sigh of defeat. The case and storyline presented to the judge and court was that of a loving and caring husband who has always been faithful to his spouse for the past six years of his marriage, and yet his spouse wanted to divorce him for no reason whatsoever.

In their defense, David’s legal team tried to brand Adelaide as an infidel too, a story that brought my name to the front pages of the newspapers. But Adelaide’s counsel debunked the offense of David’s legal team, as a fallacious statement that lacked concrete evidences, spoken in other to justify a deed which is a sin to God and the marriage institution.

With the evidences that was placed in front of the judge, coupled with the well-articulated closing speech given by Adelaide’s lead counsel, the judge had no other choice than to rule in favor of Adelaide’s case. A pronouncement that saw the end of David at Green and Harris, because Mr. Roberts was very displeased with David, and an infidel was not a good enough face for the publishing company. It was bad for business.

David’s divorce also made him loose his candidature, because his political party feared that if he was to be presented at all, they would lose out during the elections. David was replaced by one of the commissioning editors at Green and Harris. A position he earned by a simple ballot system. Whereby, all members of staff get to vote for their next editor-in-chief and all the eight commissioning editors, including myself were presented as candidates. I might have become the editor-in-chief at Green and Harris Publishing that day, had it been I won the election.

Adelaide introduced me to her father as her boyfriend, few months after her divorce, he blessed our relationship and he was happy she found love once again. Mr. Robert was so fond of me, he loved me in all sincerity, he even nicknamed me ‘The Lion of Africa.’ He introduced me and made me make acquaintance with the big wigs the United Kingdom. In short, he totally transformed my life.

Approximately eight months after Adelaide’s divorce, I published my first book with Green and Harris, a novel titled, ‘Why I Can’t Love.’ A lot of people had started to doubt my writing skills, particularly my colleagues and book critics. A particular book critic once referred to my short story ‘Olabisi’ has a one hit wonder book. But I dazzled the world once more with that book, and proved them all wrong.

The novel became UK’s bestseller, and on the day of my book launching, I sold close to 20,000 copies both in printed and electronic formats. I earned a great deal of respect amongst my colleagues, foes and competitors. Adelaide was the proudest of me, I thought she was hyping my manuscript whilst I was still writing, I never knew the story was that great. I was rich and famous to an extent already, but my book ‘Why I Can’t Love,’ took me to another dimension of fame entirely. Those were the good old days.

Adelaide’s love for me grew each passing day, she was becoming obsessed with me, and this made me mad, because I had no breathing space any longer. She would check on me at work three to four times almost every blessed day, under the disguise of passing by, or wanting to go out with me during my lunch break, or bringing me home made food, or sometimes for no reason whatsoever. She was becoming over bearing and unnecessary jealous for no reason. Whenever she sees a female beside me, be it a fan or colleague, she would pick fights with them, which often resulted to an open fight.

The last time, she fought with a female fan of mine, she was arrested, she spent a night behind bars, the news was everywhere. The lady in question demanded to be compensated or risk been sued, which we did. Adelaide was my manager, because of that singular act of hers, I had to fire her, thinking that would make her come to her right senses, unknown to me, I was only deceiving myself.

I hired a veteran in the literary world, John Maxwell, based on Adelaide’s recommendation to be my new manager. He eventually became my best friend and we are still friends till today. Adelaide was cool with me firing her, but she never stopped pestering me. We had sex almost every day, almost everywhere. Since she was always wanting to be beside me, I decided to seize the opportunity to fuck her, as often as I could.

We fucked in public toilets, in my office, at home, in the church, at ceremonies and functions, in the parking lot, in friends’ houses, and the list continues. But, I felt my sexual life was still incomplete. My secretary was there for me at my beck and call, and she was there to always balance my sexual equation.

‘Jones Monique’

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There was this particular day, I was in my office fucking my secretary. That  she came to my office after lunch to submit some files, as she was about leaving, I told to close the door, without wasting time, I grabbed her breast roughly, and bent her forward over the desk. I lifted the small amount of material covering her butt and entered her from behind. I thrusted into her roughly, but rhythmically.

I kept telling her she as I fucked her that she has been a good employee, and she should be rewarded. I thrusted harder, using one hand to position her hips and the other to massage her breast, occasionally pinching her nipple. After a while of thrusting, she told me she was about to cum, so I moved my hand down to her pussy to finger her clit and guide her along. She felt my muscles tense up at the time as hers. She kept her voice down as pleasure took over her body, as her eyes rolled back into her head, as she felt me cum and collapse on top of her back.

We were still laid there, when Adelaide barged in on us. She was surprised and at the same time shocked. She made sure that she didn’t create a scene there, to my surprise. She turned back and went home immediately. Throughout that day, I could no longer concentrate at work, because my mind was baffled. I kept pondering in yonder on what to expect from Adelaide, and an explanation I could give to her.

When I got home that day, what happened stupefied me. Adelaide welcomed me cheerfully, I thought I was in a bigger trouble, I was about apologizing to her when she knelt down to beg me. She told me she was sorry for always stalking me. She elucidated by saying that she was only doing that out of love. She begged me to end my affair with my secretary. When I asked her if she was vexed at all, she said no, claiming she pushed me to hard, and that was why I sought solace in my secretary.

I bought into her emotions, and promised her I was going to end the fling I heard with my secretary. She was happy to hear me promise her to her face, that night we fucked like we were both possessed. I was afraid to sleep, because I couldn’t predict what she capable of doing, during the night. I did not know when I heeded to the call of nature.

To be continued…

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