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Episode 9

Susan, Abigail and Temmy were bursting through their lanes, all packed with the unbending will to take the day. Coming towards the finish line, the three were struggling to get ahead of each other then suddenly, temmy started blazing past Susan and Abigail. Susan noticed the sudden change in pace of temmy and soon temmy was well ahead. Susan lost concentration, started to leave her lane and bumped into Abigail. The two were lucky that the collision did not lead into any form of disaster but sure slowed them down. Temmy eased her way to the finish line way ahead of susan and Abigail, the last athlete put in her best but her position was welcomed as no one expected any better than last place. As temmy finished, students started cheering as they felt the universe was just with the occurrence during the relay race and off course, the outcome. Steven this time was first to get to temmy and made her know how much he loved watching her sprint like a pro. Temmy wished steven good luck in his relay and really, steven was not in need of luck.

The holidays were almost over and school was about to resume as usual. Students of liberty academy were steadily looking forward to this day because many were being tormented by the harsh whips of boredom. Susan eagerly waited for this resumption as she saw it as the beginning if her road to redemption. School soon resumed and it was back as we were. There was Intensity in the daily activities at liberty academy but definitely not without some sub stories to go with it. Abigail and susan knew that they had something in common and were ready to work together to bring temmy down. The days went by little by little and nothing had changed in the stories of these guys. Susan and kunle remained as usual but little suspicions that, that situation will soon change. Steven and temmy remained the close friends that they were, questions as to why steven had not yet asked the big question. Richard the patient one knew what he was up against but certainly had the intention of gaining temmy’s love but knew he had to wait for the right time for that to happen. Bade and chisom were just not happening but this girl was persistent and came up with an idea to find out what she was missing. Chisom made a slum book and put in some questions that certainly would tell her why she was not preferred to temmy.
Chisom’s slum book went round the students in ss3 till it found it’s to the grand mistress of destruction, susan. While susan was feeling in her answers to the questions, she could not help but observe that these questions were desperate and could really do good damage to friendships if not answered with caution. Susan called the attention of Abigail and shared a wonderful but wicked master plan on how there were going to crush temmy.

The next day, chisom decided to give steven her slum to feel his profile. As steven flipped through the pages to find a blank page, he stumbled across the profile that had temmy’s name and was so excited to see what temmy had filled. As steven went on matching the questions asked and the answers supplied, he begain to feel surprised, sad and unhappy at what he was seeing. Steven thought in his mind. ‘So temmy is irritated at me because of my family’s wealth. So this girl is like this. Can you imagine she filled Richard for the “boy u love” question. Wow so this is temmy for real’ steven was having mixed feeling as he could not match temmy’s action with what he could see on paper, but he was angry all the same ( I wonder if this guy has common sense at all). Steven asked chisom if he could take the slum book home to fill and bring it back the next day and she agreed. Steven did not say a word to temmy that day and she was wondering what was happening.


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When steven got home, he went over temmy’s profile once again was filled with pain. Steven decided to check other people’s profile and then he stumbled across abigail’s profile. While steven was reading he became happy as he saw what she filled for her greatest regret. Abigail’s regret was deceiving steven and she would right her wrongs if she was given a second chance. Just as he was reading, he had the door bell ring and wondered who that could be. As steven opened the door, his countenance changed as he was not happy to see temmy and wondered what she was doing in his house unannounced. ‘ what are you doing here, I didn’t ask you to come.’

Temmy was shocked that steven did not even welcome her into the house before bombarding her with questions. ‘ you were very sad today and I was concerned. I came around your area to get my dad some medicine because the one at home was finished and I just said I should branch and say hi’ steven was not about to believe a word she was saying ‘ please spare me your bullshit, and stop pretending like you care about me’ temmy was surprised and wondered where this was coming from. ‘ you temmy, I thought you were different. Now I know why your family is not prosperous and I wonder if it would be.’ At this point temmy began to cry. ‘ what are you saying steven, is this what I get for coming to say hi’ steven was not ready fall for her tears. ‘please don’t cry here, go to Richards house and be crying to him since its him you love.’ Temmy was completely lost ‘steven how can you say that to me’ steven already had enough of the sight of temmy. ‘ please get out of my father house and go to your father’s own.’ Steven asked his gate man to take her out of the house. Temmy walk home really sad but still perplexed at all the things steven was saying. This day was just about to go from bad to unbelievable for temmy.

‘Jones Monique’

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As temmy was approaching the compound, she noticed people were gathered around her house and as she approached, all the neigbours looked at her with pity and temmy wondered what was going on. As she got to the frontage of the house, she met her younger brother who was already swimming in his own pool of tears with shouts of sorrow coming out his mouth. Temmy pushed all the neighbours holding him. ‘Deji what happened, talk to me.’ Temmy’s question was not even making any meaning to deji who just continued with his crybaby drama. Temmy left him and ran inside shouting her mother’s name all through. ‘ mama!’ ‘ why are ……….’ Temmy immediately seized and was grieved to see her mother also in tears with neighbour’s surrounding her. Temmy did not bother to ask any question. Quickly she went into the room where her sick father laid. She found her father motionless and a glass of water on the table beside the bed with other drugs her father used to suppress his illness but one drug was missing.

The missing drug was what temmy went to get while she visited steven. She dropped the packet of capsules in her hand and tears rolled down her cheeks. ( in tears) ‘ daddy mi, daddy mi, daddy please wake up, daddy please am around and this is your drug. Please wake up and take it.’ Temmy could not hold it and burst into tears. ‘ daddy please come back.. daddy please’ temmy’s voice became so loud and she rest her head on her father’s dead body pleading that he should come back to life but all her efforts were in vain. If only temmy did not branch at steven’s house to receive the insult of a life time, could have gotten back in time to save her father? Temmy’s life was just about to go from bad to unbelievable. (poor temmy) see you next time on CYCLONE LOVERS)

 by Olasubomi Adebari Adebari.

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April 14, 2018

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