Life of Thomas da Silva.

Life of Thomas da Silva.

Life of Thomas da Silva.
Winsala Muses,
Life of Thomas da Silva.

Season 1

Episode 3 (Love and War)


“Now I see rainbows, after the very stormy rains, after a terribly protracted eon of lightning and thunder. In as much as the storm is now over, it is your face I hanker a pine to see.”


I kept on reciting the ode above to myself, as I readied myself for my first day at Green and Harris Publishing. And if you ask me, what was going through my mind, I wasn’t excited at all, on the contrary, over the night, I became a shadow of myself. The words David’s wife spoke to me the previous night, pierced and punctured my ticker like a two edged sword.


This gave room for motely introspections and a passage for flooded thoughts. Throughout the night, I never stopped hearing voices in my head, both when I was asleep, and when I was awake. The recitation of the ode above was my only emblem to reasonable sanity. The ode cooled my nerves down, as it has always done in times past. I composed that ode, the very first day I met Olabisi. Reason being that, her presence in my life ignited the passion not to give up on life, my dreams goals and aspirations.


Adorned with the mystique colors of the popular hand loomed aso oke cloth of the Yoruba people of West Africa, and a well burnished black shoe, I stepped out of my room with a determined mind set and a goal driven persona. I headed towards the kitchen the intention of getting a cup of coffee or tea, in other to brighten up my day, when I got to the kitchen the first person I saw captivated me so much so that my feet were stocked to the ground.


She resembled Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Her hair is a light blonde color, which almost reminded me of the color of a sunbeam as it passes through a window. As I looked at her hair I noticed the way the light caught in it and it shimmed as it flowed with her move.


My eyes were drawn to the fact that her hair is very long, reaching down to the middle of her back. Little wonder, when I ran my fingers through her hair the previous night, it felt as though I was touching some of the finest silken fabric ever woven. Soft, and almost liquid like, her hair seemed to flow over my fingers, like water as I touched it. As I found myself burring my face in her hair, as if to hide from the world and all the problems it holds for me on a daily basis.


Her beautiful face demanded my attention. Its high cheekbones called my eyes to the statuesque bone structure underlying its gentleness. Her face graced, with a look that resembled that of royalty. Her tight rose colored lips were pursed in what appeared to be divinity. The slight hint of moisture on her lips made them glisten in the light, causing them to look as though they were really a reflection on the waters of a pond and not really a part of her at all.


They seemed to call out to me, beckoning me to lean in and press my lips against hers. Her emerald green eyes stared back at me as though to pierce my very soul and derive my thoughts and feelings. I could see the different shades of green streaking through her eyes, making them appear to be alive just as fire does when it moves and flickers.


They appeared to cast a spell on me causing me to neglect all else and freeze in a state of mystified adulation. She is the perfect figure eight, which further affirmed my conjecture, of her striking resemblance with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She smiled at me, and asked if I was interested in having a cup of tea.


I nodded my head in positive avowal, standing still like a colossus, while she made haste to prepare my cup of tea with so much delight. As I was about nipping my cup of tea, she told me her name is Adelaide. She expected me to say something, but I didn’t. Noticing my quietness, she asked if I cared for sandwich. Instead of talking, I nodded my head positively once again. I was almost done eating when David joined us in the kitchen.


He was happy to see me, the first thing he noticed and commented on was my attire. He came close to me and felt the texture of the cloth I was wearing. And he told me he would love to get a replica. He also asked if I had made acquaintance with his wife. I looked straight into her eyes, and nodded positively once again. David didn’t have breakfast that morning, he apologized to his wife, then bade her farewell on behalf of both of us.



Without wasting time David called for an emergency board meeting immediately we arrived at the Green and Harris complex. I was in attendance in that meeting. There and then David introduced me to all the board members, made up of the board chairman, editor in chief, and seven commissioning editors. Mr. Robert Harris wasn’t around but he was duly represented by his executive assistant. I was welcomed wholeheartedly by the board, and during the meeting I was given my job description, salary package, a book publishing contract, and an official car with a driver. The chairman of the board, represented by his executive assistant personally gave me a private tour around the Green and Harris complex.


A team was assigned to be under my tutelage, a team comprising of five editors and one personal secretary. I finally met with my team members after my tour with the chairman’s executive assistant. During the board meeting I was given a target to meet. A target to commission the manuscripts of four deserving new authors before the closure of the company’s acceptance portal which was in three months’ time. My team and I discussed about the target that was given to us by the board and we also deliberated on ways to go about achieving the set target before the stipulated time frame.


After I had finished meeting with my team members, my personal secretary showed me to my new office. Immediately we both entered, she locked the door behind us. She moved closer to me, and with a smack on her lips by her tongue, she politely ordered me to sit down and at the same time, she sexily and forcefully made me to sit down. I was about asking her what she thought she was doing, when she covered my mouth in a sexy and stylish manner with her fingers, in other to shut me up, then she slowly squatted. She spread her thighs for me to see her well shaven pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her skirt.


I was speechless at the sight of her pussy, that I couldn’t stop looking. This drove her wild and crazy, her face laced with a villainous smile, she sat on my laps, and started to lap dance me slowly and steadily. My flaccid cock instantaneously became very stiff and unyielding. I became caught up in the moment, but only for a while. I pushed her away and demanded to know her true intentions. She was shocked to see my face had changed, reflecting an epitome of somewhat anger. I asked her what she took me for, but to my surprise and incredulity, she was well composed, her attitude that very moment echoed the fact that she was well prepared for the worst case scenario.


She stepped back a little and spoke to me about how thrilled she was, upon receiving rumors about the possibility of me becoming a staff at Green and Harris. She said, she was more than electrified upon receiving grapevine talks of a likelihood that she could become my personal secretary. When I asked her what end she hoped to accomplish, she told me she wasn’t herself after reading my short story ‘OLABISI,’ which revealed a lot of sexuality between myself and Olabisi. After reading my short story, she started to long for the plausibility of having my ten-inch cock inside of her.


When I asked her if that was all, she said she only wanted to satisfy her sexual desires, get to know me better, satisfy me whenever I wanted sex and however I wanted sex. She completed her speech by telling me she would always be at my service and beck and call anytime, any day. Almost speechless, I sat there and felt a bulge growing quickly in my trouser. It was almost immediately noticeable and unluckily for me her eyes went there. She reached down to fondle me via my trouser. She looked abysmally into my eyes with a gracile leer on her face. She was being fiendish and knew what she was doing.


She bent down and gave me a mercurial peck on my lips and then moved around to my neck. Then she moved up to my ear, then she started working on my neck, rubbing her hands on my chest, slowly taking my buttons apart one by one. As she was working her way down my chest, she lightly dragged her nails over my flesh making my hair all over stand up on end. Now she started kissing down my chest as she was removing my shirt. Her moves were cinchy and so smooth that the shirt dropped on my chair before I realized that she had completely unbuttoned it already. Or maybe because as her lips came to the top of my belly that last thing on my mind was my shirt.


She started with soft wet pecks around my navel while her hands worked the buckle of my belt. Her lips moved lower and lower. Now my button was unfastened and down went my zipper. Massaging my penis, she teased and worshiped my glorious cock. I could tell she was getting wet, because she couldn’t keep her hands away from herself. She was pulling her nipples and rubbing herself through her briefs. I could even see how moist she was getting in her briefs because when she pulled her hands up, there was a scintillate to her fingers that she now then licked off her fingers.


I loved the way her breast felt on the inside of my thigh, but I was so ready for her to put my cock into her mouth. I was trying to slip it in, but she wouldn’t let me. Finally, she grabbed me by the base and after a couple of strokes, she licked the tip of my cock with the top of her tongue. Then she allured just the head with her lips giving me a delightful sensation, giving me some satisfaction but I was ready for her to go all the way down. Finally, she did went down sucking me deep throat and often stopping to lick my balls and my ass.


Now she was very engrossed with the stroking of my cock, while she got spit dripping between the end of my dick and off of her lips, then she looked up deep into my eyes. She had this spark in her eyes, like she was planning something. But the excitement was running through my blood now. And I have been watching her play with herself while amusing me. Just as she was about to resume full work on my dick, I couldn’t take it any longer, I quickly grabbed her and picked her up by her waist and sat her down on my desk.


I quickly lifted her on the desk and pushed her skirt up a little, I threw her legs over my shoulders. And arranged myself so well for the perfect height to roll into position. Without wasting no time, I sucked her cunt with so much delight and pleasure. She started to let out audible moans, almost screaming, I had to cover her mouth, reminding her that we were still in the office using my eyes.


This continued for a while and just as I thought my jaw was going to give way or her legs were going to pop my head like a grape, I had a taste of her cum in my mouth. I felt her pussy pulsing and swell up, and her legs even tighter. Her body was jerking like she was gasping for air. She was moving like she couldn’t breathe. Then all of a sudden her legs swung open and flew straight into the air as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me all the way in. Finally, what I started to taste a second ago started to flow. She came so hard that in excitement I didn’t realize she filled my mouth with her juices. It was running down my chin and the crack of her ass all over my desk. As she regained her breath I licked her from the back of her ass to the tip of her clit. This made her gasp twice on each stroke and her legs quiver even harder each time.


She pulled my face from her cunt gently, and begged me to fuck her. I unbuttoned her shirt, the only obstacle between her beautiful tits and my view was her bra. I unhooked it in a jiffy and there she was naked in front of me. Her dark brown boobs were inviting me for a delicious suck.


I opened my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth. She closed her eyes in ecstasy and sweet little moans started to come out from her mouth, I was busy sucking her breast and at the same time fingering her. After a while I pushed my dick into her virginal. She was so tight and juicy that I could not hold my orgasm and within two to three minutes I exploded. I took out my dick just in time and sprayed cum all over her boobs. It was one of the greatest fuck in my entire life.


I rested my head on her breast while she laughed mischievously, when we were both able to catch our breath, we refrained from each other’s embrace. She wore her cloth properly, kissed me passionately, told me she was leaving for her office, and I could call her if I needed anything. While leaving my office, she blew me a kiss at the door, and did well to close the door behind her.



I pushed some paper works till late in the evening that same day, I was so engrossed with work that after closing hours I still waited to work further. David came to my office only but to ensure I went home, he was very surprised to see me work so hard, even at my very first day at work. He wondered why, by the only way I could keep him shut from his well fated praises was a statement I made. I told him that he could never understand where I was coming from, and my drive towards life itself.


He saw determination in my eyes and smiled, telling me that, no one deserves anything. He advised me to only, but to always embrace my fate. He compelled me to go home, and he instructed my driver to take me home with immediate effect. When I asked him if he was also coming, he replied by nodding his head in a negative fashion, saying he was going to his club to attend to more pressing matters.


Adelaide was so happy to see me upon my return from work, she was well dressed in a red evening dinner gown, but her face reflected traces of tiredness, that depicted an expectant heart. Her countenance revealed that she had been waiting for me to arrive home from work, and she was also expecting her husband to also come home late. She didn’t even allow me to rest, she started flooding me with questions like, if I enjoyed my first day at work, if I loved my new office and team members, if I loved my official car. She rendered tales of how she personally oversaw the furnishing of my new office and the choice of my official car even before I accepted an offer of employment. She said she believed in the metaphysical, as I clearly stated and emphasized in my short story ‘OLABISI,’ and that everything happens for a purpose. She buttressed her point by saying, she was destined to meet me.


Her words melted my heart so deep, that I gulped some saliva and took a deep breath. She took my left hand and lead me to the dining room, where she had already prepared a romantic setting. We both had a candle night diner, we both shared tales about our childhood, she was moved by my childhood story and I could tell she was being sincere with her emotions and the tears she shed weren’t faked.


I stood up from where I was seated, and moved closer to her to behold her beauty amidst tears, I touched her face gently, while she held my hand, sniffing intermediately, in other to debar mucus from running down her well pointed nose. I was caught up in the moment, as I reached for her lips, with the fullness of my mouth. She wasted no time as she responded by first getting to my mouth before I reached for her lips.

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We kissed ardently and libidinously, she lifted her arms, and put them on my shoulders, I slowly wrapped my arms around her and started rubbing her hips, I quickly made my way down to her ass. I rubbed and stroked her ass, squeezing it in my hands. She pulled me closer to her with hands, as our bodies pressed together, I could feel my hard on cock press against her stomach.


We quickly made way to her matrimonial bedroom and I sat on her bed. Once I sat down, she stood over me and began to unbutton my pants. When she got to my brief, she instantaneously pulled out my cock. My dick slammed against my stomach, as she let out a slight gasp.


She knelt down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue circling my penis as her fingers rubbed against my balls. Before long, her head was going up and down my cock. Before long, I blew my load into her mouth, I felt her lips tighten as I spewed. She sucked hard until she swallowed all of my cum. As she looked up, I apologized for ejaculating so quickly. She stood up and started to finger herself, she came to lie beside me, then she rolled to be top of me and slowly rolled my semi hard dick inside her pussy, which later became as hard as a rock inside of her. As she slowly took me in, she started to moan loader and louder.


She braced her hands on the bed above my shoulders and started riding my dick. I reached up above and started to rub my hands over her waist, ass and breast. Her pussy felt heavenly, with every thrust I could feel her tighten around my dick. Before long I started raising my hips with her thrust, matching her rhythm. At last, I blew my load into her. I felt her tighten around me, as she also exploded simultaneously. Most of the women I have fucked in my life all reached their climax, hers was none the different.


I rested my head on her breast, this was my vintage style of after sex moments. She couldn’t stop expressing her deepest love for me, as I blushed at the comfort of her warm embrace and bosom. She once again told me she was ready to make sacrifices, only to see me happy. Her words caught my attention, which made me rise to seat properly as she still laid on the bed.


I told her I thought about the offer she made to me the previous night and I was ready to erase all memories of Olabisi from heart only if she could divorce her husband and was ready to make our relationship public and not an affair, she was about to talk, when I reminded her of her words, and promise to make sacrifices, only to see me happy. I ended my premeditated speech by telling her, that I also believed my meeting with her was a metaphysical and divine arrangement.


She rose up and sat close to me, with her head well rested on my chest, she affirmed how ready she was willing to be with me at any cost. She told me it was only death that could separate the both of us. Upon hearing her words, an involuntary smile was laced upon my lips. I went to my room after kissing her goodnight, not too long after I laid on my bed I slept off. Very early the following morning, almost before dawn, it was the noise of a hot ensued argument between husband and wife, that woke me up.  I got up immediately with the intent of eavesdropping. I couldn’t really hear the details of their argument. But I heard vividly when Adelaide screamed that she was done with the marriage, a news that gladdened my heart.


I wanted to go mediate, but I gave it a second thought and stood still to where I was. David was busy demanding what he had done wrong to deserve such ill treatment from his wife, but she couldn’t give a direct answer. For a second, I thought my game was up, and she would give in to her husband’s tender words, but she stood her grounds and demanded that he left the house.


David pleaded and sobbed like a baby who was on the verge of losing all he had worked for, but it was as if she was possessed or something, as all his pleas fell on deaf ears. She practically threw him out of the house, she reminded him, while pushing him out of the house, that the house belonged to her, and she was no longer comfortable having him around.


When David inquired about what would happen to me, she told him she was still comfortable with my stay. Before David left that very morning he came to meet me in my room with smiles admits tears in his eyes, he told me he couldn’t understand what had come upon his wife that made her to turn against him and also speak words of hatred concerning him, he begged me to plead on his behalf, as I seemed to have found favor in her sight of recent. I promised him I was going to help talk to his wife and also plead on his behalf.  And with sincere gratitude he left the house and told me, he was going to see me at the office.

To be continued…

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