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After the long but interesting day, the students went to their various abodes. At the hostel, the discussion centered round the girls 100meter heat both in the boys and the girls hostel. At the center of it all was the argument that temmy deserved to have won her heat and that if she had not tripped at the start she would have won. Various students took sides with the athletes of their respective houses and some still believe that the highlight of this year’s inter house sports was going to be the epic race between Susan Abigail and Temmy.

A week after the heat, steven and temmy were in class and as usual, they did nothing else but talk and played Steven’s favorite board game which was chess. Temmy was never fortunate to beat Steven in a game. While the two were playing, steven started telling temmy about personal things in his family life. Temmy could perceive that steven was so happy with the type of family he had and his family was a very comfortable one. Steven told temmy the tales of how is dad will take him to the beach to play and afterwards, they would go on another trip to the amusement park. While steven was talking, he noticed the sudden change in temmy’s countenance and stopped to ask what had gone wrong. Temmy just smiled, telling him nothing was the problem. Steven remained persistent and kept asking what was going on that she wasn’t telling him. After must begging by Steven, tears stared to roll down temmy’s cheeks. Steven wondered if it was something he said that made her cry. what was really fascinating was that while in tears, temmy put a smile on her face. ‘temmy what is it? Hope I did not make you cry ?’ ‘ no steve is just that’ ‘ that what temmy , you know you can talk to me.’ Temmy quickly noticed that aunty susan and her group were paying rapt attention. ‘ steve please can we go outside’ Steven immediately knew the reason why temmy suggested that. ‘steve the truth is, when you talk about your family, I keep quite because as compared to my family, I don’t think I deserve to be your friend.’ ‘ please don’t say that,  I want you to me my friend and I am happy with that. But temmy, what is your family like?’ temmy took a deep breath and started to explain. ‘well, we are a family of just two children, me and my younger brother. My mother works as tailor and my father…” just as she was about to talk about her father, temmy now began to really cry, tears flowed down her cheeks without stopping. Steven put her head close to his chest and told her it was okay to just stop right there, but temmy continued. ‘my dad has serious stroke and meningitis ‘ ‘ oh my God , am so sorry, I didn’t mean to….’  ‘ it is okay, I just wanted you to know who I am’ temmy stood up from the stirs and went to the restroom just close to stirs.

Abigail quickly scrammed to her seat as she saw steven stand up from the stirs. She had overheard their discussion and could not help but bite herself for deceiving steven when she had her chance. Abigail was so happy to have heard so much about temmy. Steven felt quite sad about temmy’s situation. He knew that if he had not raised the issue. Temmy would not have cried and remained gloomy all day long.

A day before the inter house sports, it was time to announce the students that performed excellently. When it was time, the bell went and all the students gathered in the school hall. Without much delay the principal arrived at the hall and began to announce the results. The principal called all the excellent students starting from the junior category and ascending. Finally, it was the turn of temmy and steve’s class. Steve was called at as the best in that class and it was to no one’s surprise. Steven was considered one of the brightest from his junior school days. In second position was jamiu who was just one of the ordinary kids in class that always mind their business and had their won clique.  Then the third position was to be called .  Susan was expectant as she was always called out for either 2nd or the 3rd position. ‘ shift my friend!’ Susan yelled at some juniors as she wondered if they didn’t know it was her big moment and would not want to take too much time getting out of her seat to take the majestic walk to the front of the hall. ‘ and third in that class go to……………. Ajayi Temiloluwa’ a resounding applause engulfed the hall and everyone stood to appreciate this wonderful lady that has only just come and already made a good impression of herself.  Above all the clapping and cheering, temmy was majorly concerned with how impressed steven was and indeed, he was really happy. This wonderful shocker left some people in rage and anger.  Susan was really unhappy with fact that temmy had stolen the spot light and was really starting to feel temmy was a treat to her position in liberty academy. Abigail watched closely at the expression on Susan’s face and knew, they will soon be of equal motives towards temmy.

The final day of the term came and all the students of liberty academy we very enthusiastic about this very special day. Parents and invited schools trooped in one after the other before the event kicked off. Steven searched for temmy all over the place, he wanted to surprise her with the red beads he got for her to match her red sports ware. ‘Steven’ temmy called. ‘ hey, there you are, I have been looking for you, where have you been’. ‘ Richard called me, he said he wanted to give me this new spikes so I can use on the track . steven was really intrigued at Richards initiative and knew Richard’s  gift beats his. ‘ hmm you and this boy , anyway I got you these.’ Temmy was really excited to see what steven had gotten for her. ;’ really! Wow. Thanks so much, I love it.’steven then put on the serious look ‘  temmy listen, today I want you to make sure you beat Abigail and Susan’ ‘ steven, you like completion too much ,but if it makes you happy fine, I will do my best.’

‘Jones Monique’

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The events began and it started with the races in the junior category. There was real talent on display that very day. Soon after, it was over to the senior category. The race started with the 400 meter boys and on it went till it was time for the 100meters girls.( the race we have all been waiting for)
The girls took their marks and this time, Abigail temmy and Susan all lined up together. ‘ runners on your mark’ temmy made sure the her power leg had a firm grip on the ground and thanks to her new spikes, that was not a problem. ‘set!’ at this moment, only one thing was in the minds of abby and susan.( beat temmy no matter what). And so all three racers had their eyes focused on the finish line. ‘GO!’ zoom, temmy was off to a blistering start leaving susan just hanging by the stride of her leg. Coming into 75 meters, the whole school was cheering as they were about to see the new Cinderella become the fastest girl at the liberty academy. Susan and Abigail found it hard to catch up and just as everyone thought temmy will win with 15 meters to go, temmy lost her footing and stumbled. Fortunately for her, she recovered and was able to keep herself from falling but at this point susan and abby had made up the ground they lost. Just as they were approaching the finish line, temmy was left behind. Susan and Abigail finished In 1st and 2nd respectively and temmy aome in 3rd much to the displeasure of most students and especially steven. Temmy was really disappointed at this outcome and wondered what might be the reaction of steven. ‘ temmy , what happened ‘ Richard hurried towards temmy and felt so concerned. ‘ maybe it’s the spikes , am not quite used to them.’ Richard could feel the sting the race had on temmy and gave her an encouragement that changed her mood.’ ‘ you know what, why don’t you take the last leg in the relay and you can have a rematch’ ‘ hmm great idea’ temmy was already feeling the need to beat those girls and she knew how happy it will make steven. Soon after, it was time for the girls relay. The students were so excited to see temmy Abigail and susan at the anchor legs as they were about to be given another ‘race’ down and this time, temmy was going to run on her bare foot.

The race started with the first legs of each houses starting well. Coming to the first change over, the girls passed the batons perfectly. The 2nd leg runner for susans house was quite fast on the break away and this gave green house the advantage. The 3rd leg was not different, competitive all the way.

Coming towards the last change over, these three ladies were pumped and ready to run their legs off. The baton change over occurred and once again, it was perfectly done. The trio were on their way, driving their feet into the ground like boys and they were explosive but Susan had the advantage coming from the runner that took the second leg. Coming towards the finish and three of them were struggling to get ahead of each other and suddenly, the unexpected happen. Find out next time on cyclone lovers.

Story by Olasubomi Adebari
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