The Last of Us.


The Last of Us
The Last of Us. Adebari Olasubomi. Winsala Muses.


It was just couple of minutes past 9 in the morning, Fridays never went smooth. Things went on fine, schools were closed for the day so most children were around to assist their families with their businesses and for some it was just another day to go about doing nothing for the next 24 hours. Kai and his group of friends had left the abandoned bridge and decide to take a walk around town. They were not known for trouble due to the fact that no one really knew who they were and their little secret sins. “Hey brothers, isn’t that Kira?” Eti halted to confirm as the whole group followed suit. “Mehn, that girl fine” Seba licked his lips and squeezed his eye lids to show just how much her beauty was undeniable.

Her smile alone could make a grown deer sit without hurting it’s prey. “Hey Kai, Kai!….Hey man snap out of it, that girl is way out of you league, don’t disgrace yourself at all” Eti snapped Kai out of his day dream and the whole group laughed at him for even thinking for a moment that he and kira could be friends. “What? What was that for?” Kai looked them in the eye in self defence. “Common brav saw you, the way you looked at her like you some prince and she is your princess.” Juan was the first to display as the whole group went on another round of uncensored laughter. “So you are saying that I and kira can’t be friends?” Kai asked with a serious look, determination running through his eyes. “Yes brav that’s exactly what we are saying” Eti said with an unwavering stare and the rest of the group concurred with nods of different kinds. “Alright then, I accept the challenge, am going to talk to her right now, you’ll see.” “Yeah right, just don’t pee in your pants man” Seba made the group go gaga with yet another joke. Kai left the group a little shy because of the challenge he had just taken on, he had never spoken to this girl but was willing to try anyways.

Kai approached cautiously, checking out his shabby dress to make sure it didn’t look as bad as it sounds, his heart beat rose like the wave of the Aegean sea but he did his bit by making sure his body was in check. “Hi, Kira” Kai took a big sigh, he had probably done the hardest part of it all. “Hi, Kai right?” Kira said with an unexpected smile on her face.” Kai could not believe his ears, he could have sworn by the birds of the summer solstice that he heard her speak his name. “You, you… You know my name?” Kai’s awkward act of stammering made Kira laugh in the same regard.

“Of course I do, you’re Mzazi’s son, aren’t you?” “Yes, Mzazi that’s my mum, you know her?” “Yes I do and I must tell u, I love her soup, I really do.” Kai was surprised that the testimony of how good his mother’s soup is had gotten to the lips of the only daughter of the richest family in the community. “Oh yeah, my mother’s soup, I assist her in cooking them you know?” “Oh really, is that suppose to impress me?” Kira asked with a little giggle on her face. Kai was caught off guard to say the least. He at first thought he had said something silly to ruin the moment. He tried to correct his words and began to stammer again. Kira laughed again because she could understand what he was passing through. “You are so funny, you know right?” “I am?” scratching the back of his head, acting dumb.

“Hey Seba, it’s been over ten minutes and he isn’t back yet?” Juan questioned as the whole group who had settled under a tree came to the grips of the fact that Kai had indeed been gone that long. “Maybe we should go check for him.” Seba said as the whole group got on their feet. “I hope he is not crying already over an heartbreak.” Eti raised the atmosphere again as the whole group laughed at the instance of Kai getting his balls right with Kira.

Before long, they turned at the end of the block and saw Kai and Kira walking toward their direction. They were stunned. Kira was actually smiling and Kai shorts were as dry as a boring joke. From Seba to Emana, Eti to Juan, they all took simultaneous looks at each other as they could hardly believe their eyes. Kai and Kira finally got to where they were, dragon flies took over the government of their bellies. The gimps of kira’s face so close was an irregular phenomenon for the boys. It was Kai’s turn to laugh at them and with wisdom of a cautioned laugh he did. “Hi boys” Kira broke the silence. “Hiii” the whole group answered with their reply sounding like the abode of swam of flies scattered from a rendezvous point. Kira was a bit taken aback, but she was used to this kind of thing. “Hey this here is a lovely drink from my dad’s factory and everyone gets it free, you guys should try it.” Kira handed the boys a very small plastic bottle containing a blue like liquid. Emana was the first to drink and he was shocked. “This.. This is….“ “what Emana? The whole group was eager to hear his assessment his expression was plain and not too long the boys grew impatient and had the drink down their guts in no time. As soon as their taste buds had a feel of that drink, their expressions were priceless “unbelievable”. Kira smiled and walked past them and the boys accompanied her with their eye balls and their brains soon followed after the wind sent the fragrance of her body down their nervous systems. Kira turned “Kai? You coming” and she was on her way again. Kai hopped after her till he got to her side and sanity was restored to his walking posture. The boys were left dumb founded. Kai had just done what every young lad thought was impossible. It was paradise for Kai.

​To be continued…​
Copyright : olasubomi adebari.
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